Y4 – Day 212 – Dear Goddess

“My life is a fabulous journey of discovery.” – anon

Dear Goddess (I wrote) –

Help me learn and let it  – the words – the writing – flow freely and succinctly and make sense.

Help me find the time and motivation and wherewithal to organize and keep house and paperwork meticously grouped and classified.

Help me remain interested and work towards our beautiful gardens and landscape.

Help me find time to seek solace, silence and serenity wherever I am.

“I am persistent in reaching my goals.” – anon

P.S. Let me find humor and laugh whole heartedly at myself.

With Love and Gratitude,


Needless to say, Goddess had lots of ways and means to gift me with flaws and faux pas, in the following few days after I wrote this, to openly and publicly display for everyone’s amusement. I think she skipped reading the letter, skimmed to the bottom and just read the postscript.

Just be careful what you ask for.

Y4 – Day 211 – Nothing Changes

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking.
 It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
 – Albert Einstein

Nothing changes if nothing changes. When you work on having LESS self righteous ego, you flow into tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance.

Acceptance does not mean you approve it. It means you wisely know you can only control your responses, attitudes and actions.

Tolerance does not mean you remain silent. It means you respect others have different views, lives and/or customs.

Compassion does not mean you pity anyone as less than. It means you empathize with another’s condition or predicament and hopefully do something towards relieving their pain in a generous, anonymous way.

Forgiveness does not mean you forget. Allowing someone to cross boundaries again means you learned nothing about saving/loving your own self or have gained any wisdom on courage.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. – Wayne Dyer

Y4 – Day 210 – Liars

Always tell your story straight because otherwise you WILL get caught in a lie.

I do not tolerate LIARS!

Liars are always out to prove, get away with or manipulate something. Liars are not humble because liars never can see they are wrong or misperceiving anything. They explicitly demonstrate by lying that they think they are the center of the Universe.

Some of the worst liars, in my book, are the ones looking for sympathy. Victimhood is their middle name when they don’t get their way. They are never responsible for their own actions.

Run. Run. Run. Run away from the blood sucking zombies – truly the walking dead – looking to take your energy and body. They don’t care about you. They say they do, but they are LYING! It always comes back to square one and how it affects them.

Liars are thirsty and can never drink enough Kool-Aid. Liars are empty and can never be filled up. Liars are eager to swallow you whole if you are not on their side. Most liars are bullies too.

Most liars are narcissistic or have personality disorders of some sort. They do not care about your heart or good intentions. Liars live on a whole other planet and don’t abide by the same rules so don’t give them any quarter, EVER!

Liars – to state the obvious – have no conscience or remorse. They are in such disbelief that anyone even questions their facts or reality that they will destroy your reputation and good name.

Liars don’t have a meaning or purpose in life except to be delusional and fight tooth and nail to be winners of a world with limited resources and lack. They are like Daffy Duck when he scurries around announcing ‘It’s mine, mine, mine.”

Liars are selfish, greedy and disingenuous, of course, so you don’t know what you are dealing with from one day to the next. Liars will gaslight you till you start to believe the lies. They spread rumors as something they overheard from others or read about some where else so as not to be blamed personally for it later. And they don’t divulge their sources because they make them up or misconstrue a fact out of context. They are tricksters.

Liars are sad. They want to shine brighter, steal your thunder and take for themselves. You will get the morsels left if anything. They pathetically love compliments and will never give you any credit unless you shower them profusely with adoration.

Liars cannot and will not cultivate, explain or expand on any thoughts because all of them have been stolen.

Run away from Liars, they are dangerous when made powerful by your acknowledgement. Twisted and single-minded, Liars will destroy whatever is in their path for power, money or applause.

Sound like anyone you know?


“The world is a dangerous place to live;

not because of the people who are evil,

but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Albert Einstein


Y4 – Day 208 – Purpose

“You will either step forward into growth,

 or you will step back into safety.”

Abraham Maslow

Which way to go? Indeed. Which way?

You want to be creative or find your dream. You want to add something. You feel you can do more. You fantasize. You work, take classes, get educated and have expectations.

Your purpose in life has several transmutations.This is what it looks like at this age, in this moment in history, at this moment in time.

Are you up for it?

When you don’t know where you are going next and are in the hallway, that’s when you need meditation, the ability and vulnerability to ask questions and to write in a journal where you can jot down all you want, see and feel. It is wise to meditate, be teachable and  start writing it out now because it takes practice. When you really need to use these tools, it’s good to already have them in place.

I am committed to my goal today and every thing I think, say and do brings me one step closer to it. – Cecilia

Y4 – Day 207 – Efficiency

Having a schedule to make yourself more efficient sounds “fabulous, darling.”

Unfortunately, it takes discipline to implement this so-called structure.

For Christ sake’s I am an aspiring wordsmith who frequently forgets her words. Plus, I misuse cliches all the time. I get my metaphors mixed up with my similes. I struggle with stuff I am passionate about. How am I supposed to get all amped up for methodically checking off my to do list?

Perhaps I run deeper. I need a reason. What if my goal is to bring me to the REAL goal?

What if each tiny act is taking me closer to my underlying purpose?

So I asked myself, “What is the point of decluttering?”

This answer will take me more time to mull over but initially I am leaning towards the “I want my home to be a sanctuary ” response. Of course, I will feel freer to do the things I really want to do with my time. Needless to say, I would find it attractive. Also, if I could keep up with a system, habit or pattern that keeps my surroundings looking presentable, I suppose I could believe in myself and truly be able to conquer my doubts and have my dreams come true.

Staying in the messy bog is so familiar though.

Just like the old belief that all artists are alcoholics, maybe creatives don’t need to be so unkempt to be taken seriously either.

Hmm. I will have to meditate on that, if only I could find a place to sit.

Y4 – Day 206 – Organize Self

Do you spend way too much time thinking and reading about time management and not enough energy into actually managing your time?

Have you bought many books and paraphernalia to get you organized but enjoy the idea of decluttering into three different labeled (hopefully pretty) boxes rather than in fact sorting through it all?

Do you have three million projects started and none finished?

Are you moving the same pile around from room to room?

Have you been organizing stuff that maybe you need to just trash?

I love that Tidy book, still on the best seller’s list, that asks you to touch and review each item one by one and ask if it sparks joy for you or not. Doesn’t that depend on the day? Well, sometimes. Great ideas but I need more help than that.

I am reading a book currently that I could have written, the author is just like me. It is titled Make Room for what you Love, by Melissa Michaels. She finally figured out that her problem was decision making. She would put off figuring out what to do with something and then it was too overwhelming to tackle the mess that would undoubtedly accumulate. I get this lady. I love that she sounds even worse than me back in her procrastination heyday. Her list of excuses for not making a decision seem strangely familiar. It is the perfectionists and “I don’t want to get anything wrong” person’s bane. It is the “What If?” people.

My decision making skills are getting a makeover. Hopefully this will help me with my sentimental and odd attachments to things.

Y4 – Day 205 – Chakra Color Chart

img_1789First Chakra – I AM – Survival, tribe, foundation, earth, grounding, you deserve to be here.

Second Chakra – I FEEL – Emotion, creativity, flow, movement, sexual, you deserve to have feelings.

Third Chakra – I DO – Power, willpower, discipline, structure, potential, you deserve to choose to do and be anything.

Fourth Chakra – I LOVE – Heart, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, compassion, you deserve to love and be loved since you are centered in and exist because of love.

Fifth Chakra – I SPEAK  – Expression, communication, translation, interpretation, listen, you  deserve to freely demonstrate and share your gifts with the world.

Sixth Chakra – I SEE – Vision, ESP, insight, intuition, conscious awareness, you deserve to be cognizant of your higher intelligence.

Seventh Chakra – I UNDERSTAND – Connection to Source, higher vibration, light, reverence, awe, you deserve to acknowledge your divinity

Y4 – Day 204 – The 3 R’s

Regret, Remorse and Resentment.

We must feel through it, experience the ick and then glean at least one bit of wisdom from these three places, once we are on the other side of them.

The opposite of regret is happiness. The action is gratitude. Instead of complaining, moaning about what you missed out on as you look back, appreciate what you have around you NOW.

The opposite of remorse is having a satisfied, good conscience. The action is letting go of shame. Instead of self-pity, obsessed with self, release your ego and own you’re only human. Once you have made amends, retracted an injurious statement or apologized, let the outcome resolve itself and make room for new, better choices and experiences, NOW.

The opposite of resentment is affection. The action is acceptance. Instead of raging against, poisoning the air around you, acquire a fresh perspective from a loving point of view. When someone has offended you and you still have a sick feeling in your gut, you have not overcome a single hurdle and are denying yourself happiness. When you see them and you feel no pit in your stomach, no sensory disgust, then you have forgiven them. But, when you feel sympathy, a secure welcoming stance when next you meet, then you have obtained a sort of nirvana. You have allowed love to take hold of your ego, accepting and receiving love and forgiveness and compassion back on to yourself. When this occurs, you realize we live in the NOW.

For we are all mirrors of each other.

Y4 – Day 203 – Landscapes

Although my sense of wellbeing can be found on top of a cliff over head watching white water and listening to waves hitting the rocks and sandy coastline, fresh sea foamed air inhaled and clearing, my heart sings and makes the sound of pitter patter when I am amongst the wooded forest, upon a deep indigo blue lake, an opening sky, sitting on a flat, angled, huge boulder where I rest and watch the big round moon made visible as dusk settles in.

Surfaces plain, pristine and grey can activate, engage and inspire us to create passionate, inner expression onto a serene, blank canvas.