From everything I have heard, felt and intuited, this year will be a wild ride for radical shifts and changes in our systems, many extreme weather events and highly charged emotions to challenge our equilibrium!

The trick is to stay steady. The advice is to stay close to your center. The reality is that we will have to stay firmly grounded and not let dualistic thought divide us in two or more factions. Instead, we are guided to remain in our positive force fields of energy.

I will be writing more so I can vent and also to make sense of the chaos that is bound to occur. I will be meditating more and observing my own judgmental, critical or angry thoughts. Nevertheless, as vipers are cornered, they will become even more venomous, vengeful and volatile. As visionaries, light workers and people seeking to end the mischief, we will need to be vigilant as we remain vibrant in our soul’s purpose, vibrate with the highest levels of thought and alas with that vantage point – stick to the values we prize and hold dear.

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