The Collective Consciousness

Why am I absolutely flabbergasted that in such a puritan based/racist culture the MAGA sheep are trying to once again discriminate, attack and disenfranchise BIPOC/strong/intelligent women and air her private life whilst (watching and reading way too much British media) the same hypocrites are ignoring or denying or convoluting any major transgression the orange Russian asset posing as an American does?

This isn’t even political any more. It really is a fight for our collective soul. This is historical and a pivot point for the human race as we know it. Will we be able to stand up to lies? Will we do the right thing for the highest good of all, including the planet?

What can I do? This is where we get baffled.

I suggest we stay in love/joy/light/expansiveness/healing light and set an intention to imagine spreading goodness for at least 15 minutes a day and whenever we find ourselves in frustration, anger or hopelessness. I am not saying to bypass the feelings. All emotions are welcome. I am simply proposing after immersing ourselves and getting in touch with how we are feeling and thanking our sense of outrage in all its forms, that we turn it around for our own good and have it remind us who we truly are. If you have a heart, you will know deep down who that is.

So we take that signal and produce gold out of straw, so to speak, while taking deep breaths, closing our eyes and increasing our vibration in order to level up the rest of the world. There are many scientific experiments that measure wavelengths, electrical impulses, water molecules and brain activity to show how what we think affects the external as well as ourselves. In fact, if we raise our thoughts to the word Peace for example, it raises the collective consciousness a thousand fold.

On Sundays, at 11 am PST, I will be joining an invisible web of strangers around the globe doing just this. It is 15 minutes. It is optional. It is not on the internet. You merely set your clock and take the time out to do it anywhere you find yourself. As an individual, we do it as part of our humanity to be helpful.

To learn more, check out Pam Gregory’s you tube channel -especially, Meditation Sunday 7PM in UK from 3 weeks ago. There are links to others that are engaging in this as well. We will become a group or family of positive energetic frequency that at the very least will help with our own heartbreak, even if you don’t believe the metaphysical properties.

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