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In an attempt to describe, enhance and encounter fellow experiences in life, I am indebted to my children, husband and friends for their support on every kind of level to express my passion, enthusiasm and word/picture play on this website.

I am initiating a circle of women whom want to own their divine feminine and lift each other up. 


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Sharing Serenity

There is power in bringing women together with intention. It fulfills your own purpose as well as each participant.To gather in a circle is healing. To sit in unison specifically to connect with our source is a bit witchy, a bit yoga, a bit creative expression, a bit of presence and a bit of a nod to all cultures. Rounded up together we gain resilience to get through tough outside world situations no matter our own belief systems or upbringing.

As a group of women in a modern mandala we are an empty vessel. We fill it with a topic to explore. The philosophy and the way of the circle clears the cobwebs of the consciousness. With active participation, we reach down and into ourselves.

I fully accept myself today, yesterday and tomorrow for I am all of those versions of myself, all in one. My spirit lifts and I watch it soar. With enthusiasm, I realize my aim is to help others achieve that knowing serenity as well.

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