I am offering this advice to you. Always starve your fear or face it head on. Don’t feed the negative, scary thoughts. Instead, nurture the love in your heart. Find the love, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance inside of you. Perhaps even visualize it.

When I am upset with the global situation, I douse the fiery, pot stirring by glowing with light from within. Of course, when I remember and sometimes after a good venting session.

This light I speak of comes directly from the Source of whatever created or inspired us.

In practical terms, spread your smile, hug someone in pain or just because they are also in this world and connect with others.

Take care of yourself with radical self-love and extreme self-care.

Join forces with a higher vibration with intent and often. Reach for your highest thought, words and action.

This is my advice to you and myself, when I remember.

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