The Collective Consciousness

Why am I absolutely flabbergasted that in such a puritan based/racist culture the MAGA sheep are trying to once again discriminate, attack and disenfranchise BIPOC/strong/intelligent women and air her private life whilst (watching and reading way too much British media) the same hypocrites are ignoring or denying or convoluting any major transgression the orange Russian asset posing as an American does?

This isn’t even political any more. It really is a fight for our collective soul. This is historical and a pivot point for the human race as we know it. Will we be able to stand up to lies? Will we do the right thing for the highest good of all, including the planet?

What can I do? This is where we get baffled.

I suggest we stay in love/joy/light/expansiveness/healing light and set an intention to imagine spreading goodness for at least 15 minutes a day and whenever we find ourselves in frustration, anger or hopelessness. I am not saying to bypass the feelings. All emotions are welcome. I am simply proposing after immersing ourselves and getting in touch with how we are feeling and thanking our sense of outrage in all its forms, that we turn it around for our own good and have it remind us who we truly are. If you have a heart, you will know deep down who that is.

So we take that signal and produce gold out of straw, so to speak, while taking deep breaths, closing our eyes and increasing our vibration in order to level up the rest of the world. There are many scientific experiments that measure wavelengths, electrical impulses, water molecules and brain activity to show how what we think affects the external as well as ourselves. In fact, if we raise our thoughts to the word Peace for example, it raises the collective consciousness a thousand fold.

On Sundays, at 11 am PST, I will be joining an invisible web of strangers around the globe doing just this. It is 15 minutes. It is optional. It is not on the internet. You merely set your clock and take the time out to do it anywhere you find yourself. As an individual, we do it as part of our humanity to be helpful.

To learn more, check out Pam Gregory’s you tube channel -especially, Meditation Sunday 7PM in UK from 3 weeks ago. There are links to others that are engaging in this as well. We will become a group or family of positive energetic frequency that at the very least will help with our own heartbreak, even if you don’t believe the metaphysical properties.


I am offering this advice to you. Always starve your fear or face it head on. Don’t feed the negative, scary thoughts. Instead, nurture the love in your heart. Find the love, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance inside of you. Perhaps even visualize it.

When I am upset with the global situation, I douse the fiery, pot stirring by glowing with light from within. Of course, when I remember and sometimes after a good venting session.

This light I speak of comes directly from the Source of whatever created or inspired us.

In practical terms, spread your smile, hug someone in pain or just because they are also in this world and connect with others.

Take care of yourself with radical self-love and extreme self-care.

Join forces with a higher vibration with intent and often. Reach for your highest thought, words and action.

This is my advice to you and myself, when I remember.

The Traveler

Mt friend, don’t go off somewhere else. Come back to your feet. Come back to the ground you stand on.

As a traveler that goes within her soul and battles her mind, I beseech you to always come back to center. Come back to the heart and release the mind. Allow the heart to enter the spirit, extract the energy and transmit the magic of THIS moment, so you can witness the miracle, again and again.

Sharing Serenity

There is power in bringing women together with intention. It fulfills your own purpose as well as each participant.To gather in a circle is healing. To sit in unison specifically to connect with our source is a bit witchy, a bit yoga, a bit creative expression, a bit of presence and a bit of a nod to all cultures. Rounded up together we gain resilience to get through tough outside world situations no matter our own belief systems or upbringing.

As a group of women in a modern mandala we are an empty vessel. We fill it with a topic to explore. The philosophy and the way of the circle clears the cobwebs of the consciousness. With active participation, we reach down and into ourselves.

I fully accept myself today, yesterday and tomorrow for I am all of those versions of myself, all in one. My spirit lifts and I watch it soar. With enthusiasm, I realize my aim is to help others achieve that knowing serenity as well.

Breathe In Awareness

Breathe in awareness then suspend the breath and exhale with acceptance. Inhale sky and breathe out grounded earth. Open to the expansion love creates yet root solidly in courage and strength.

When the vibration of truth resonates, you accept it as true. Being in the present moment with your presence requires the truth you hold within. And here lies the treasure and the knowing you seek.

So, breathe in acceptance now and exhale your unique awareness for all to interconnect and share.

update on cindi and love

She’s feeling better!!!

Your spirit team wants you to know you are love and you are loved and supported!

Stay present in your presence of all that you are and YOU are divine!

Writing is a great tool to help you heal especially combined with meditation.

You are perfect as you are and yet improving on and growing into your authentic soul self is a noble and wonderful inner journey worth exploring.

The Next Few Days

What if in the next few days you realized who you really are and what your unique gifts were?

What if we focused on the excitement of living and not the terror?

What if you got out of panic mode, hateful speech, angry thoughts and instead, changed your direction and attention? This would cause the rising from low frequency to a higher emotion.

What if we starved our scary and instead loved and fed the good?

If we all raised our vibration, or enough of us did, we would create a loving, joyful, peaceful, compassionate, wonderful new earth.

Adapted from Pam Gregory’s u tube conversation with Nancy Rebecca about how to enlighten and help ourselves during this time in our lives.

A Checklist for Evaluating our Maturity

A Checklist for Evaluating our Maturity from millions of al-anon members:

The difficulties of coping with another are much more effectively met when we ourselves reflect attitudes of mature adults.

A mature adult is one who:

1) Does not automatically resent criticism, realizing it may contain a suggestion for self-improvement.

2) Knows self pity is futile and childish– a way of placing the blame for disappointments on others.

3) Does not readily experience a loss of temper or “fly off the handle” abouut trifles.

4) Keeps calm in emergencies and deals with them in a logical, reasonable fashion.

5) Accepts responsibility without blaming others when things go wrong.

6) Accepts reasonable delays without impatience, realizing that some adjustment for the convenience of others is necessary.

7) Is a good loser, accepting defeat and disappointment without complaint or ill temper.

8) Does not worry unduly about things that can’t be changed.

9) Doesn’t boast or “show off” when praised or complimented, accepts it with grace, appreciation and without false modesty.

10) Applauds others’ achievements with sincere goodwill.

11) Rejoices in the good fortune and success of others, having outgrown petty jealousy and envy.

12) Listens courteously to the opinions of others even when they hold opposing views; does not enter into hostile argument.

13) Doesn’t find fault with “every little thing” or criticize people who do things differently.

14) Makes reasonable plans and tries to carry them out in an orderly fashion; does not do things on the spur of the moment without due consideration.

15) Shows spiritual maturity by–

• accepting the existence of a Higher Power and recognizing the importance of this power in life.

• realizing each person is a part of mankind as a whole and has much to give: that each of us has an obligation to share with others the gifts that have been bestowed upon us.

• obeying the spirit of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “


Interestingly enough there are several definitions for vamp and…

If to vamp as a verb means to improvise then that is exactly what this blog has always been about.

The full moon eclipse will be tomorrow – so it’s time (if you haven’t already) to get rid of what doesn’t serve us anymore and bring in the new. This could mean in the realm of relationships, jobs, objects or even behaviors. This may happen even if you don’t want it to, so astrology says “go with the flow”.

For my part, I am giving up certain ideals, expectations and beliefs.

And, I deserve to bring in more movement, discipline and writing practice because I realize that’s what I want to usher in and encourage in myself.

Let the re-programming begin.
Tomorrow is the eclipse. Let go of whatever is bogging you down with no reservations or much ado and invite a new habit, career, friend or place to gracefully enter into your life.


I am finally feeling like myself after covid. I had no idea how much trauma we had all been through with politics and misinformation and a pandemic! Personally, I thought it was right and just to throw up my hands sometimes. Mostly, though, I ranted out loud or internally. My guts felt like they were just scrambled half the time and literally I can see now how my intestines if you could have seen them, were twisted and clogged, occasionally on the verge of bursting out of my skin because I could no longer retain my anger, my despair and my outrage.

Then, I succumbed to depression and loneliness and isolated within my own valley of melancholy.

I let my hair, my weight and my interests go, in style. It was my superficial way of responding in kind to the onslaught of meanness and hopelessness. My smile vanished. Although you would see it on zoom, fake and with extreme effort. I tried so hard to stay positive. I suppressed years of personal trauma and unresolved issues into one presidential race and term that was out to destroy us and has cracked open all the wounds for all of us to see.

STAT we need healing. STAT.

And then, I did some spiritual work. I went deep. Past experiences and into changing my perspective, slowly. I thought I had done this work before but there were new, hidden cuts, stabs and lesions attached to my very soul body. I visited them and then in shock, withdrew. I would step a little closer and then back off. I would process and then deny their existence. The dance of fire and ash and pain. The dark night.

But a survivor fights for their life, a warrior goddess gets through it. Never alone but by myself. No one can do this work for you. Like recovery, you must find the place where you realize you are responsible and no one else, for your metamorphosis. Ultimately, it came down to love, acceptance and compassion, for me. A new level of identity.

And then, I took notice of my outsides for what seemed as if it was the first time. By finding power in the journey through, I expect more of myself now.