Y5 – Day 169 – Job Titles

As an educational cheerleader, the purpose of my work is to inform and encourage; to help others to flourish and expand their horizons.

As a healer, I serve others by listening, guiding and supporting.

As a yoga/meditation instructor, I consider myself a relaxation expert. My mission is to de-stress women so they can contact their inner wisdom and sanctum.

As a housekeeper, I call myself a domestic goddess. My goal is to keep our home orderly and make it a welcoming, comfortable space.

Y5 – Day 168 – Ocean vs. Mountain

Both the crashing, splashing of waves or waterfalls and forests (especially pine trees) emit negative ions. Negative ions deter depression or the blues. Therefore, negative ions actually uplift your mood. That’s why even if you are grieving, sitting on a beach or hiking in the woods soothes your soul.

Personally, I need the stillness I find by a mountain lake surrounded by trees. The beach is alive with noisy commotion and sometimes stirs me up, albeit positively. But a forest full of conifers alive with birds, squirrels and chipmunks dining on nuts and seeds, instills an innocent serenity I treasure.


Y5 – Day 167 – Follow Your Heart

When a life choice or direction feels dimly lit, change the scenario. Take what has enhanced and informed you and leave the rest.

Sitting around and reading are precious stolen moments. Making an appointment with self to write or edit for two hours straight and uninterrupted is a dream come true. Every morning as the sun rises in colors of your favorite sherbert flavors, you too can journal or stream write.