Y5 – Day 70 – SAVASANA

SAVASANA or Corpse Pose or Relaxation Pose

This resting pose is performed at the end of each yoga practice. It relieves tension, stress and is ideal for guided meditation. Focus on your exhalation as you relax the body. When your mind wanders, bring it back by concentrating on the breath.

  1. Lie on your back and close your eyes. Arrange a folded blanket under your knees to relax your lower back. Cover your tummy to soothe and warm you since your body temperature will drop.
  2. Place a pillow or blanket under your head, tilt your chin slightly towards your chest and keep the back of your neck long. This relaxes your neck and shoulders. Make sure your head is in line with your straight spine.
  3. Keep the back of your legs flat and about hip width distance apart. Allow your feet to relax and turn and drop the toes towards the side corners of the mat.
  4. Lay your arms alongside your body. Move your arms and hands away from the hips about six to ten inches and have the palms face up.
  5. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and just release your back into the ground. Allow your shoulders to rest into the earth.
  6. Let go, open up and set your body and mind free by tensing each individual body part and then loosen your grip. As you inhale, squeeze. And, as you exhale, slacken the hold. This breaks up the strain in your tissues so you can come into a true repose.
  7. Imagine you are melting into the floor. Stay here for at least five minutes and as long as an hour.
  8. To come out of the pose, take a deep inhalation and exhale with an audible sigh. Do this at least three more times. Afterwards, wiggle your extremities (toes and fingers) and reach your arms above and behind you and give yourself a good stretch from your hands to your feet as if you were being pulled at each end.
  9. Turn over onto your right side in a fetal position and take three more breaths.
  10. Lengthen your top leg, reach your left hand in front of your face and push your palm into the ground, then use your other hand and lift to a seated position.



Y5 – Day 69 – Sound

Sound has been used since the beginning of time to heal, join and harmonize people together with their Universe and each other. We all tend toward harmony as a Universal rule.

According to scientific studies:

Sound is the last sense to go when we are dying.

Sound affects every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies.

Sound waves travel five times faster through water than air and our bodies are 70% water. Therefore, our bodies receive sound vibrations at a faster rate.

Sound creates visceral emotional reactions, and it activates memory.

Sound vibrations are tuning forks that synchronize us to our own true nature.

Sound can stimulate healing by resonating and restoring your vibratory frequency.

Sound positively influences our minds by oscillating symbiotically with our brain waves.

Sound protects our immune system and strengthens our physiology.

Sound from mothers’ heartbeats at a rate of 72 beats a minute – soothes and calms infants. At 120 beats a minute – babies are visibly uncomfortable and distressed. Human embryo ear structure begins to develop at three weeks.

Y5 – Day 68 – The Art of Affirmation


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” –  Oprah Winfrey

Affirmations are great tools but they are not just about repeating fine thoughts. They are to be spoken often, with depth and honesty. We often take for granted our freedoms, our good times and our health.

I fill my heart with precious joy and beautiful laughter.

I touch everyone I meet with a wide smile.

I make new friends, keep and treat old ones well.

I am grateful and I am devoted to the tendency towards thankfulness.

I feel compassion and have a conscience.

I see the sacred in the mundane.

I breathe in awareness and observe the beauty of bountiful miracles.

I allow nature to profoundly touch my soul with its innocence and wisdom.  

I appreciate stars, water, animals and fairy gardens because I am a child of wonder.

Write your affirmations to assimilate them into your mind. Memorize or read them aloud. Leave them on post-its around your home, car or office. Pick one a day and concentrate being and living it. What other affirmations help you celebrate life? Whom could you share this with?



Y5 – Day 67 – Brown’s Park

Sight and Sound

“In this fleeting moment, what extravagant respite, as Promethian sunsets blossom blaze and recede from splendor to mystery.

In this fleeting moment, what extravagant respite, as booming surf speaks its mystical passage across the undreamed depths.”

Raymond Persinger

Crunched between densely built ocean front Laguna Beach property, lies a peaceful slice of real estate called Brown’s Park. The land was donated by Joe Brown after his grandfather’s house was ruined by a severe winter storm. At the end of the narrow yet long walkway there’s a spectacular view of the ocean. The overlook is pointed like the bow of a ship. Raymond Persinger’s poem is etched into his artistic iron sculpted fence at the precipitous edge. Persinger, head of Sculpting at Laguna College of Art &  Design, forged his handiwork in 2002. 


Y5 – Day 65 – July 2017


“Summer is not so much a season as a melody, that tune of contentment we hum as the days begin to beautifully blur.” – Sarah B. Breathnach

In July we celebrate, amuse ourselves and we learn to recognize, appreciate and behave with kindness. We continue to garden in the spiritual and worldly realm.

July lures us outside with a whiff of backyard bar-b-que smoke, the anticipation of packed picnics in the park and the candle or twinkle light sparkle of evening, outdoor patio dining.

Wavy water sports, beaches drenched in sunblock and stylish pool parties entice us. We dip our bare and painted toes (or more) into the relief of cool temperature water as we sip on icy beverages. We traipse around in trendy summer fashions with our hip sunglasses, slinky sandals and attractive, wide brimmed hats. July is festive.

In July, kids are on holiday and families take vacations or day trips. We get away from ordinary time tables. The hot, hot heat demands we lounge more. And, as the nights are temperate, we partake of mauve and orange dusks, perhaps sharing the evening with friends.

July creates harmony with its flowers, fruits and vegetables abloom. What we prepared and sowed in spring procreates and ripens in the merry seventh month of the year. Salads of fresh cut greens and fruits become a daily part of our meal and snack repertoire. Peaches and stone fruits peak. Bright pink, vibrant magenta and flaming orange zinnias stand tall against the early sunrise. Geraniums in fiery scarlet, neon fuchsia, deep red salsa and coral colors thrive in the direct summer sun. Competing with the warm and drowsy sunsets, the buds of American Beauty red and Texas yellow roses rage with wild and open sweet fragrant delight. Honey bees hum, fireflies glow and butterflies flit.

July rejoices with benevolent and vivacious charm.

I fulfill my higher purpose with kindness.