Y5 – Day 69 – Sound

Sound has been used since the beginning of time to heal, join and harmonize people together with their Universe and each other. We all tend toward harmony as a Universal rule.

According to scientific studies:

Sound is the last sense to go when we are dying.

Sound affects every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies.

Sound waves travel five times faster through water than air and our bodies are 70% water. Therefore, our bodies receive sound vibrations at a faster rate.

Sound creates visceral emotional reactions, and it activates memory.

Sound vibrations are tuning forks that synchronize us to our own true nature.

Sound can stimulate healing by resonating and restoring your vibratory frequency.

Sound positively influences our minds by oscillating symbiotically with our brain waves.

Sound protects our immune system and strengthens our physiology.

Sound from mothers’ heartbeats at a rate of 72 beats a minute – soothes and calms infants. At 120 beats a minute – babies are visibly uncomfortable and distressed. Human embryo ear structure begins to develop at three weeks.

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