Y4 – Day 327 – Sugar

Sugar pastes, glues and staples pounds to my body. It is actually like a binder that attaches and sticks other foods to me. It’s useless for digestion. It has no nutrients. It doesn’t even have fiber for elimination. It is the opposite of detoxification. Sugar and its cohorts, bread, pasta, rice, corn and potatoes! ARGH! Delicious Sugar!


Y4 – Day 325 – Spontaneous?

As much as I am off the cuff spontaneous and love that freedom of expression there is something to be said for structure. Boundaries, parameters and limits corral impulses or they becomes rash and impetuous. Flitting like a bee or butterfly, gathering nectar from here, depositing pollen there might be great socially but it doesn’t work if you want to get anything done.

Finding the flow and groove that results in finished assignments for a writerly person is haphazard and personal.

Y4 – Day 324 – Wild Woman Qualities

I run with the wolves. My wild woman qualities are spontaneity, enthusiasm, indecision and  color filled.

I accept and practice metaphysics, I think outside the box and I feel everything as I am an empath.

I dig deep in the soil and the soul. I have a vast taste in music, art and decor.

I love every being except flies, mosquitos and ants in my house. I love everyone except mean, nasty and narcissistic people.

I am crazy about books and stationery. I am wild about color and scents.

As a wild woman, I use all six of my senses.

Alas, I am human and flawed but also teachable and flexible.

Y4 – Day 321 – 3 S’s

I have come to the conclusion that I need to specify, simplify and strategize. My three S’s I will follow for the day, week, maybe longer.

I must be more specific about what my life, work, social and spiritual goals are. How else can I focus?

I must simplify my commitments and priorities. How else will I know what to eliminate and what to put effort into?

I must strategize and have a plan daily. How else will I get anything practical or creative done?

And I must remember, Rome was not built in a day.

Three snazzy, snappy solutions to today’s dilemmas we can all apply to our lives:

Be Specific


Have a Strategy


Y4 – Day 320 – Honestly

I regret all the times I was ever harsh or judgmental with others. It’s not in my nature.

Whenever I have been swayed by opinion, it’s because I haven’t recognized my own power.

I must reach for my potential, for my soul’s sake, here on Earth.

I need to write because it does me good, whether no one except me reads it.

I can be such a perfectionist, I never finish. I dodge ‘my work’ by adding a million other distractions. Clever girl. That’s my ego. Ego is not owning, earning or listening to your highest, empowered self. Ego is avoidance. Ego wants me to fail and feel like a victim.

My highest self wants the Best for me. The Best is to fulfill dreams, carrying out legacies, whatever that is or looks like.

When you have been rejected, corrected and abandoned, find or make your own support groups. Gather them around you. Make it your responsibility to be appreciated.