Good Goddess Reads

As I prepared and researched for Goddess Initiation 101, I re-read a few books and discovered some new texts that were of interest.

I resurrected Sierra Bender’s acclaimed Goddess to the Core and found all my flags and highlights still worthy of re-reading, plus. This book was invaluable to me back in 2010 when I was writing the script and sequence for my final. Not only did we hand in a lesson plan with full details but also had to give the lesson to our peers in the class. It was harrowing but exciting too! I added an essential oil blend and picked some Cure music to give it a bit of oomph. I remember practicing and practicing in front of whoever would watch me so I could feel less intimidated and memorize the sequencing and pose instructions.

Of course without The Body is not an Apology by Sonja Renee Taylor, I wouldn’t have found my rage and insulted self nor the deep, radical self love we all deserve and I needed to even think of creating this course online. Invariably, she prompted me to read plenty of books that delve into colonization and ingrained systems that degrade others. This book is even on my audible and we have a small group of women that study it, paragraph by paragraph.

These two books were vital in my structuring and the why of the course; Holding Space by Amanda Dobra Hope – a guide to supporting others while remembering to take care of yourself first and The Book of Ceremony by Sandra Ingerman – Shamanic wisdom for invoking the sacred in everyday life.

If you are interested in knowing more about these great goddess reads, leave a comment below.

Goddess Initiation 101

My course is almost complete. Tomorrow, is week 6 and it has been going well. Via this journey of co-creating with goddess, I have found myself connected to the spiritual side of things quite frequently without deliberately striving. The practice of reaching for higher ground and yet deeper into the heart/love has made me much more intuitive and clearer.

Ironically, spending time in meditation, reading about/creating spiritual circles, creating guided meditations and studying sacred, ancient and divine feminine information has made me more grounded. I feel balanced, loved unconditionally and divine.

I hope my attendees have felt growth and widened their eyes to look beyond and through the invisible, coming home to their senses, authentic selves and the present moment.