Y5 – Day 201 – Amethyst

Have you ever been attracted to boulders, river rocks, geology or gemstones?

Have you considered why you like certain types of jewelry over another? Research your favorite gems and their spiritual properties.

Do you currently or have you ever carried a stone for luck or worry before? Take any clean, small, smooth stone you find particularly interesting and dedicate its meaning to you by writing one word on it with a permanent marker.

For example, hope, love, self-nurture, compassion, forgiveness, kindness or a short phrase; Let Go, Be on Time, Slow Down. Then, keep the stone close to you and remind yourself throughout the day.

Taken At Bower’s January 2019

Y5 – Day 198 – Spin It

Life is wonderful but it can be crappy sometimes. It feels like you’re being supported and then you feel like trouble just follows you everywhere.

You have to weigh the marvelous with the awful in life and spin it so you can move forward and grow or… you can wallow in despair.

When the rose-colored glasses come off, you become authentic because, without pain, you don’t transcend your narrow perceptions.

Be proud of learning from your mistakes, it transformed, informed and shaped you.

Y5 – Day 197 – Brenee Brown

She’s not my favorite writer but I do like to listen to her speak. She said, “Choose discomfort over resentment,” when she addressed setting up boundaries for ourselves. It is uncomfortable, but saying NO is actually a self-preservation tool for those who do or care too much for others.

Brown noticed in her research that the most compassionate, wholehearted people had the best and most boundaries. THAT MEANS YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON IF YOU SAY NO!!!!!!!

She also proclaims, “Comparison kills Creativity.” Or, as my good friend K says, “Compare, Despair.”

Y5 – Day 196 – Retreat Time

Off to a retreat in Rancho Palos Verdes today on 8 acres of gardens overlooking LA after four days of rain. Constant washing of leaves brings glitter and glam to the whole scenario. Dormant clay dirt comes alive and an emerald green sprouts. Days ago the hills were brown and tan, now, they seem otherworldly.