Y3 – Day 270 – Happy Going Steady

Today is 40 years since I answered, “yes!” when M popped the “Do you want to go steady?” question.

Happy Anniversary!

We were just kids but we must have been on the right track because here we are and I couldn’t love, respect or admire and appreciate my husband and marriage more than I do today. And probably more tomorrow.

Through thick and thin, literally and metaphorically.


Y3 – Day 269 – Gracias, Madre

In the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco lies a little known gem tucked away amongst dubious buildings where the best organic, vegan, Mexican style food was ever served. It is called Gracias, Madre.

The plates we had there were even enjoyed by non-vegans in our group. It was high gourmet dining just the way I like it. It was the best produce made with love and intention.

Incredible sauces and techniques takes one cook maybe half a day to prepare but in a professional kitchen, it becomes a snap and is the daily regime.

IMG_4491 IMG_4493

Y3 – Day 267 – Lake Merritt

What a brief but amazing time we all had up North.

I never knew Oakland was so inviting and picturesque. From Jack London Square to its buildings to its fun Friday food trucks to its expansive Lake Merritt.

Here are some scenes:

Gondola rides on the lake, food trucks on the closed street which I call Off the Edge even though it is Off the Grid, dancing in the museum side entrance with a DJ and live band and creative art and ML.


Y3 – Day 266 – Calm and Serene

When I am about to fall off to sleep and I have a wonderful book to read and all is well in my world and I have had a good day, I feel calm and serene.

When everything is running smoothly in my home and every area is decluttered and shiny and clean, I feel calm and serene.

When I am researching, writing or reading towards my many interests, I feel calm and serene.

When I am amongst positive, supportive, loving people I trust, I feel calm and serene.

When I am attending a fine performance, taking in exhibits at a museum or in the middle of a forest, I am calm and serene.

Scenes of San Francisco from the very center of Berkeley.

IMG_4459 IMG_4460

Y3 – Day 265 – Campanile

Everyone knows I love trees and flowers, especially conifers and weeping willows, roses and sturdy blooms. This is the view from the top of the parking garage (5th level) by our hotel in the middle of downtown Berkeley. It is a view of UC Berkeley campanile tower which has bells that ring out the hour, every hour.  I guess it keeps the students in the know in case their cell phones die.

Having a campus abundantly forested makes the whole campus sing with higher vibrations.

DSC09610 DSC09611

Y3 – Day 264 – Berkeley with ML

And through a wide and varied array of retrograde miscommunications, misplacements and mistakes, we (ML and I) still managed to keep our cool, one soothing the other, as we carried on through the day and enjoyed each other, my kiddos and the sweet town of Berkeley with all its diversity, unbelievable food and intelligent, creative, inspiring and electric vibe.

This is the view from my room. The sunset over the bay was a timely and precious gift.





Y3 – Day 263 – New Do

Getting up really early, mañana en la mañana, finishing the packing, walking Cindi and then taking off for Berkeley before traffic gets crazy in LA. I don’t want to forget : Snacks for the road, water, my last minute imaginings I need and to get some gas. Being laid back lately has made me a little not so ready for stuff like travel the way I used to be. In the past, I would have had the car packed. Things just got in the way all week and especially today. Things that had to be attended to, right now. 

Amidst the chaos, I took care of myself and cleared my day except for a professional, new hairstyle and coloring. I am so glad I did. J, my trainer gave me this referral. It is unusual for me to be so happy with a stylist and that is why I never go. I am glad I kept this appointment.

Do something special for yourself today, whenever you read this. Delete something and add whatever will perk you up whether it be an activity or relaxation. It is a gift to self and others.


Y3 – Day 262 – Sharing

My designer, M and I put our lists together. While I am in Berkeley (YEA!!) to see munchkins and BFF (thank you for flying in from NY), she will put together a portfolio that we will begin to fill with ideas, pricing and timetables.

Quote of the day: “A hero is an ordinary individual who has the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve

Y3 – Day 261 – Loving It

Discussing Love it or List It was going on around here. And I believe we are going to love it. After attending countless open houses, surfing the entire array of available homes with pictures on the internet, driving by and frowning at all the treeless small lots, we are going to dig in and just renew our abode.

Plans and updates to follow. I figure if I am going to go through another whole house upgrading, I need to chronicle it. Because it always takes longer and costs more than you initially think and it might be a great way for me to vent, think, re-think, imagine and live through it.

With three kids in tow, we managed to barely live through our addition and remodel back in 1997-1999. There were no cell phones, never mind laptops then. I had no time to keep a log or diary except for bills and before and after pictures. This time, I am committed to journaling through it. I might not post it, but I am totally going to document this historic account somewhere in writing.

After much discussion, I had my friend M, the designer/general contractor over. She walked the whole house and gave me her vision after I gave her mine. Tomorrow she returns for a second round so we can get a more concrete conception.

Meanwhile, maintenance continues. Last week, our hot water wasn’t working and toilets were leaking. We had our plumber fix it and now, our air conditioner gave out last night. I know it is retrograde and things break down but it is also a super time to get things mended or improved. Hopefully, the repair person coming to take a look at it today in the late afternoon can get it running again.

I see the $$$$ coming out of our renovation already but you have to get everything up to par before you can do the fun stuff like decor.

Alas, it is the from-frou and the hope and desire for the end result, that will keep me motivated.