Y3 – Day 263 – New Do

Getting up really early, mañana en la mañana, finishing the packing, walking Cindi and then taking off for Berkeley before traffic gets crazy in LA. I don’t want to forget : Snacks for the road, water, my last minute imaginings I need and to get some gas. Being laid back lately has made me a little not so ready for stuff like travel the way I used to be. In the past, I would have had the car packed. Things just got in the way all week and especially today. Things that had to be attended to, right now. 

Amidst the chaos, I took care of myself and cleared my day except for a professional, new hairstyle and coloring. I am so glad I did. J, my trainer gave me this referral. It is unusual for me to be so happy with a stylist and that is why I never go. I am glad I kept this appointment.

Do something special for yourself today, whenever you read this. Delete something and add whatever will perk you up whether it be an activity or relaxation. It is a gift to self and others.


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