Y4 – Day 355 – Love Delivers

Spiritual leaders cannot be political. A sacred person is humble, selfless, generous, too honest and philanthropic to bow or cow tow to anything but the truth. 

The Goddess of Love delivers in the strangest way. Who would have thunk that a bully, a narcissistic, self aggrandizing, greedy liar would crash and burn so the asleep person would wake up with Love in their hearts and together put Love into action for the meek, the tortured, the earth, the female and the coloration of society?

Y4 – Day 353 – Spiritual Activism – day 4

We need to see, say, do, think, pray and give out Love and positive energy, every minute.

Remember the sixties? Bring back the message! All we need is Love. We must offer and convey forgiveness and compassion. If we open our hearts, it is not too late.

Do not succumb to fear, longing or indifference. We need to be unafraid. We must stand up with courage.

Let us call for and encourage Love and peace.

We can combine our brains and hearts as one. We are One. And, we are the ones that can generate change.

I don’t want to hear the defeatist view of “what can one person do?” Plenty. Start somewhere.

Let it begin with me.

I envision a peaceful world by bringing love to every thought, deed and interaction.-Cecilia

THINK ACTION: What can you do today to steer every relationship towards Love and forgiveness? How can you make it a safer, cleaner and gentler world? How can you use your gifts in a loving, thoughtful way? What one circumstance will you bring resolution to today by looking at it with Love and compassion? What generous responses can you have towards poverty? How do you react to prejudice? injustice? sexism? What areas of your life need more loving, peaceful consideration? How will you BE an example of kindness today?

Y4 – Day 352 – Spiritual Activism – day 3

 “a new kind of thinking as a basis for the creation of a new kind of world.” – Marianne Williamson. –  “War, quite simply, is insane. For those of us who wish to be part of the solution to war — not part of the problem — it is time to change our own minds, to accept a healing of our own warlike thoughts, in order to create a new field of possibility.”

And, in my humble opinion, we need As M. Williamson suggests, we need to be spiritual activists.  We are one. We are not separate. We help those touched by the horrors of war by not accusing or withholding forgiveness in our own minds; by eliminating violence, revenge or hostility, in our own thoughts.

Orrin Woodward, an author on leadership said, “One person with commitment accomplishes more than a thousand with an opinion.” We need to commit to a spiritual movement that has no allegiance to political or religious parties. We must aim for and protect peace. We must invest in one direction; to elevate us to the Love level.

The transformation begins with us, in each of our hearts. We are examples to our families, our neighbors and to everyone we meet.

We can enhance our connection to each other and agree upon our oneness, as our highest priority, at all times of the day. Or we WILL perish, leaving nothing to no one.

Y4 – Day 351 – Spiritual Activism – day 2

“The problems of the world will not be solved on the level of thinking we were at when we created them,” wrote Einstein.

Without naming ourselves judge and jury, labeling ourselves the victim or aggressor, we can instead do something in a nonviolent manner. We can protest inhumane treatment, murderous actions and brutal regimes by “rising above the battlefield” as Marianne Williams suggests and “reaching for a higher truth in our minds.” 

We assume we are not enough, not brave enough, not capable of shedding resentments, complaints or criticisms. But we are enough, strong enough, good, qualified and decent when Love is our common focus.

We must have ideals and hope.

We must get past our own sense of littleness.

We must heal our Earth’s soul sickness, all of us, one by one, together.  When we collaborate with other peaceful activists, we shift hearts and minds on a spiritual plane. Countless people pray and send thoughts of peace to all life-forms.

In every part of the world, twenty-four hours, everyday. meditators manifest love, believers seek mercy and ordinary people wish for a healthy planet united in harmony. 


Y4 – Day 350 – Spiritual Activism Questions

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

Where will we be if we are not advocates for animals, children and the meek?  How could we live with ourselves? What if everyone put their weapons away and came to their senses? What barbaric, cynical and careless answer is War?  Will we set our efforts and money into cleaning up the planet instead? How do we educate and feed people?

Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love, once said on the Middle East, “The road to spirituality is not a reason for apathy.” She interprets A Course in Miracles in her books and speeches. “The Course” as many call the large tome, is a provoking text that states love is truth and perceptions are illusions. Conflict is a plea for Love, “The Course” instructs. Problems do not get settled in an atmosphere of terror, panic or hostility. Peaceful solutions and answers derive from love and understanding. We are both insensitive and negligent to the plight of the downtrodden masses when we do nothing.

Y4 – Day 346 – All Will Be Revealed

The Emperor’s clothes are off and more people are seeing him as denuded, finally. Sooner or later, more will be revealed. Therefore, I turn even more attention to writing the legislative branch, sign more petitions and make more phone calls. Meanwhile, I continue to support the NRDC which does exhaustive work to save our planet, Planned Parenthood which provides to save our women, the ACLU and The Trevor Project which saves LGBTQ lives.

I speak, I write of love. Love is also protesting. Just as a mama bear fights wildly to protect her cubs, so does demonstrating for fairness, freedom and love, exhibit love. If we don’t respond with outrage, we are fools who deserve what we get. The political scene demands love in the form of marches, calls and involvement now, without delay.

Even shy and humble souls are standing up. In a word, our heads can no longer be in the sands nor in the clouds. Yes, we will persist.

Besides raising children, I have never been more tapped into Love; firmly, deliberately and actively. To be sure, the silver lining around this fiasco, is our participation in love’s united shield of righteousness.