Y4 – Day 352 – Spiritual Activism – day 3

 “a new kind of thinking as a basis for the creation of a new kind of world.” – Marianne Williamson. –  “War, quite simply, is insane. For those of us who wish to be part of the solution to war — not part of the problem — it is time to change our own minds, to accept a healing of our own warlike thoughts, in order to create a new field of possibility.”

And, in my humble opinion, we need As M. Williamson suggests, we need to be spiritual activists.  We are one. We are not separate. We help those touched by the horrors of war by not accusing or withholding forgiveness in our own minds; by eliminating violence, revenge or hostility, in our own thoughts.

Orrin Woodward, an author on leadership said, “One person with commitment accomplishes more than a thousand with an opinion.” We need to commit to a spiritual movement that has no allegiance to political or religious parties. We must aim for and protect peace. We must invest in one direction; to elevate us to the Love level.

The transformation begins with us, in each of our hearts. We are examples to our families, our neighbors and to everyone we meet.

We can enhance our connection to each other and agree upon our oneness, as our highest priority, at all times of the day. Or we WILL perish, leaving nothing to no one.

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