Y4 – Day 351 – Spiritual Activism – day 2

“The problems of the world will not be solved on the level of thinking we were at when we created them,” wrote Einstein.

Without naming ourselves judge and jury, labeling ourselves the victim or aggressor, we can instead do something in a nonviolent manner. We can protest inhumane treatment, murderous actions and brutal regimes by “rising above the battlefield” as Marianne Williams suggests and “reaching for a higher truth in our minds.” 

We assume we are not enough, not brave enough, not capable of shedding resentments, complaints or criticisms. But we are enough, strong enough, good, qualified and decent when Love is our common focus.

We must have ideals and hope.

We must get past our own sense of littleness.

We must heal our Earth’s soul sickness, all of us, one by one, together.  When we collaborate with other peaceful activists, we shift hearts and minds on a spiritual plane. Countless people pray and send thoughts of peace to all life-forms.

In every part of the world, twenty-four hours, everyday. meditators manifest love, believers seek mercy and ordinary people wish for a healthy planet united in harmony. 


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