Y4 – Day 353 – Spiritual Activism – day 4

We need to see, say, do, think, pray and give out Love and positive energy, every minute.

Remember the sixties? Bring back the message! All we need is Love. We must offer and convey forgiveness and compassion. If we open our hearts, it is not too late.

Do not succumb to fear, longing or indifference. We need to be unafraid. We must stand up with courage.

Let us call for and encourage Love and peace.

We can combine our brains and hearts as one. We are One. And, we are the ones that can generate change.

I don’t want to hear the defeatist view of “what can one person do?” Plenty. Start somewhere.

Let it begin with me.

I envision a peaceful world by bringing love to every thought, deed and interaction.-Cecilia

THINK ACTION: What can you do today to steer every relationship towards Love and forgiveness? How can you make it a safer, cleaner and gentler world? How can you use your gifts in a loving, thoughtful way? What one circumstance will you bring resolution to today by looking at it with Love and compassion? What generous responses can you have towards poverty? How do you react to prejudice? injustice? sexism? What areas of your life need more loving, peaceful consideration? How will you BE an example of kindness today?

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