Y5 – Day 118 – Love Heals

We are love, come from love and love is all there is. Love heals, it brings peace and it softens hearts and minds. Love is our foundation, meant for the highest good. Love transforms something and everything. Love and its derivatives: compassion, forgiveness, and kindness is our purpose and our journey.

Creative Intelligence, Divine Goddess, or whatever you name the source of Love and existence, is everywhere, in you and around you and always has been. When you admit and realize this sweet axiom, a sense of grandness perches on your knowing and being. It shows you your time is both infinite, expanded and microscopic as one because our soul is born of, thrives and exists in Love.

I invite you to re-ignite the simple yet powerful pilot light within you. Celebrate Love in every chance meeting, every phase, facet and branch of your story.

I recognize love, happiness, joy and enthusiasm in myself.  I acknowledge the wonder of the Universes and Life.


Y5 – Day 117 – How to Combat Fear

Allow your eyes to look at everything with Love. Keep Love thoughts prevalent in mind. Love will manifest itself in vivid form. Love lights up your vision. Use that lens and watch through Love’s glasses. Colors appear brighter and nature comes alive.  Smell with Love and the earth beckons, laden with life. The scent of your lover’s hair, fresh cut flowers, and favorite foods feed the aroma of Love. Listen as the breeze sweeps past your loving earlobes. Hear the sound of lapping low-tide waves, a baby cooing and a holiday family gathering with the music of Love. Caress, hug, touch, pet and respond as Love. Lather and rinse with gentle bubbles of tenderness. Wrap yourself mightily around Love. Taste with gratitude. Honor and praise with your mouth in Love. Savor, ingest and salivate with Love.

From Goddess Musings

Y5 – Day 116 – February 2018

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more 
deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person 
is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire 
universe, deserve your love and affection.
” – Buddha

February is a reminder to take action and Love; yourself, others, animals and the planet with unconditional Love. A tall order but not impossible. Using the melting traits of Love, we unfreeze, liquefy and unlock the icy wall around our hearts. And then, we can light and warm the heart, lit by the spark of Love. The slow start of fire warms us inside, as an enduring flame, a glowing burn.

In February, we venture to look inward and take stock of where we most need healing. By knowing what we take joy in and what we adore around us, we recognize, listen to and touch upon our inner motivators. We delve into our pure center with awareness, acceptance, and attention. We take time to mend our broken places. We thaw out relationships. We throw open the gates of understanding.

From my book  – Goddess Musings