Y3 – Day 119 – Self

Ah- the true self, the Self with a Capital S vs. the small self.

When you are in meditation and in your mind… ask yourself… Who am I listening to?

Give up the desire to analyze. Take off the yoke of judgment and just have the willingness to listen when you step back and ask for guidance.

Everything you want or need, you already have it. It is the Wizard of Oz story.

When we have a problem to solve, think “I don’t know what to do but someone in me does.” It is your Highest Self with a capital S.

Y3 – Day 118 – Thoughts 3

Ancient wisdom still applies.

Have eyes of compassion when you see people spinning.

Most of our wisdom and spiritual growth comes from suffering. The greatest poets, inventors, musical composers, artists, etc. have come through suffering. There is a spike in art after every great war or cultural earthquake that transforms and feeds everyone.

Suffering squeezes out the EGO. There is a greater, deeper letting go of Ego through pain.

Let love live in you. Every single person is love. Don’t deny it. Hold it in a holy space inside of your heart, mind and outlook. Love is beyond form.

The evolutionary Consciousness is everywhere – look at what is happening now – the message of love is the only one that inspires peace. Surrender to love for, we in human form, are fragile and temporary. Everything becomes service to Love when you realize that when you serve, speak, write, think in love – you become love because you are love and have just forgotten.

Imagine how you would treat yourself if love was moving through you all the time. – Don Miguel Ruiz

Y3 – Day 117 – Thinking 2

So whatever thought comes up, you hold the space for it. No judging. Allow it to BE.

When we deny or resist our Truth, suffering occurs.

The stories we make up around situations keeps us on the hook. Be free of that illusion. Don’t carry it any further forward, giving it power by talking about it, ruminating on it or aggrandizing it.

Guilt is sour and worthless. It is how we beat ourselves up. It serves no purpose. Learn the lesson and move on. Remorse is sweet but guilt is killer. Byron Katie states, “How do you know why (fill in the blank) is happening? – Because it is happening.” Now what? Move towards healing and relinquish the victim role. This is more skillful.

We break open when we can’t take the suffering or our burdens anymore.

And more, tomorrow…

Y3 – Day 116 – Thought

The Tao Te Ching speaks of immersing ourselves in the present moment. Our minds want to be anywhere but here. It is the wonder of being fully here in the right now and practicing that awareness with consciousness that takes you to deeper wisdom in your meditation and ultimately into your daily life, minute by minute, hour by hour.

The Tao speaks of welcoming everything and not labeling it “good” or “bad”. For haven’t the best lessons been learned during the harshest of times? And haven’t the best of times seemed bittersweet over time?

As Byron Katie states, not thinking is “like trying to hold back the ocean.” So it is not about NOT thinking. It is about no longer caring about your mind’s mean, petty and distracting opinions and instead – training, focusing your mind to behave and molding it into “right” thinking. That requires constant attention and a base knowledge that we are more than our thoughts.

Disinterested in our brain spinning stories does not mean apathy. It is happening (the thinking) but we don’t have to get attached to it or have any emotional ties to it. It is just what our mind is meant to do.

More on thinking/Tao/Musing tomorrow….


Y3 – Day 115 – Lounging Cat

IMG_3909This is how you do a child’s pose in restorative yoga. Capuccina is exhibiting great wisdom. She practices the Tao. She IS yoga. Trusting her natural instincts to rest, she listens to her inner guide. Meditating on the oneness of all things, she is connected to her soul. Responding to what is, she exists in the ever present NOW.

Y3 – Day 113 – Nature/Nurture

IMG_3919Aware this morning that our planet and climate will do as it may, I gazed in awe at the wind; the breath of the planet, the fog rolling in like rapid ghosts fleeing the light, the wet air clinging to other molecules and the dense space, brimming with evergreen, earthy essence and ground vibrations trembling with gratitude for the rain; tears of joy cleansing our mountain top sanctuary.

¬†Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

As I meditated, breathing into my chakras, expelling stale and useless thoughts, I inhaled the life force I sensed around me, using my human experience to touch, smell, hear, taste and see it enter inside me, envelop me, surround and protect me.

I walk in gratitude and connected.

Y3 – Day 112 – Tulip Patch

IMG_3916What a wonderful surprise awaited me today when I arrived at my Treehouse Sanctuary.

IMG_3917And more to come. From a simple 10 minute digging into earth, a massive, healthy and 100% response from Mother Nature’s Bulbs.

If you haven’t had the joyous experience yet, I encourage you to spend a few dollars and a few minutes come fall (or spring/now for summer blooms in your area – check with your nursery). It is probably the easiest return and fascinating reward for your time and effort.

Your inner child will be in awe as they slowly but surely progress. The bulbs burst through the earth, they grow, they bloom and they wither. It is sure to entertain and fill your heart.

Y3 – Day 111 – Healthy Choices

IMG_3911Time to get back to yoga, breathing, meditation, community, massage or body work, resistance training, walking, eating cleanly, hydrating and sleeping profoundly.

If you need to re-commit, now is a good time.

The way I feel from doing the above and how spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically fit I am from doing the deal is beyond belief.

When I cheat here and there, miss a session, skip doing the self-nurture or make something or someone else a priority, I pay for it with a bad mood, guilt feelings, tummy trouble and/or loss of peace with self.

I am happy to report I am back at the gym, training with my red-headed goddess, J. Lots of enthusiasm today. Good muscle pain tomorrow.

Loving it!!!