Y3 – Day 116 – Thought

The Tao Te Ching speaks of immersing ourselves in the present moment. Our minds want to be anywhere but here. It is the wonder of being fully here in the right now and practicing that awareness with consciousness that takes you to deeper wisdom in your meditation and ultimately into your daily life, minute by minute, hour by hour.

The Tao speaks of welcoming everything and not labeling it “good” or “bad”. For haven’t the best lessons been learned during the harshest of times? And haven’t the best of times seemed bittersweet over time?

As Byron Katie states, not thinking is “like trying to hold back the ocean.” So it is not about NOT thinking. It is about no longer caring about your mind’s mean, petty and distracting opinions and instead – training, focusing your mind to behave and molding it into “right” thinking. That requires constant attention and a base knowledge that we are more than our thoughts.

Disinterested in our brain spinning stories does not mean apathy. It is happening (the thinking) but we don’t have to get attached to it or have any emotional ties to it. It is just what our mind is meant to do.

More on thinking/Tao/Musing tomorrow….


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