Y3 – Day 117 – Thinking 2

So whatever thought comes up, you hold the space for it. No judging. Allow it to BE.

When we deny or resist our Truth, suffering occurs.

The stories we make up around situations keeps us on the hook. Be free of that illusion. Don’t carry it any further forward, giving it power by talking about it, ruminating on it or aggrandizing it.

Guilt is sour and worthless. It is how we beat ourselves up. It serves no purpose. Learn the lesson and move on. Remorse is sweet but guilt is killer. Byron Katie states, “How do you know why (fill in the blank) is happening? – Because it is happening.” Now what? Move towards healing and relinquish the victim role. This is more skillful.

We break open when we can’t take the suffering or our burdens anymore.

And more, tomorrow…

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