Y3 – Day 118 – Thoughts 3

Ancient wisdom still applies.

Have eyes of compassion when you see people spinning.

Most of our wisdom and spiritual growth comes from suffering. The greatest poets, inventors, musical composers, artists, etc. have come through suffering. There is a spike in art after every great war or cultural earthquake that transforms and feeds everyone.

Suffering squeezes out the EGO. There is a greater, deeper letting go of Ego through pain.

Let love live in you. Every single person is love. Don’t deny it. Hold it in a holy space inside of your heart, mind and outlook. Love is beyond form.

The evolutionary Consciousness is everywhere – look at what is happening now – the message of love is the only one that inspires peace. Surrender to love for, we in human form, are fragile and temporary. Everything becomes service to Love when you realize that when you serve, speak, write, think in love – you become love because you are love and have just forgotten.

Imagine how you would treat yourself if love was moving through you all the time. – Don Miguel Ruiz

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