Theme for the Week-Sound Healing

From time immemorial mommy’s have hummed, rocked and sang to their babies to soothe and calm them down.  And just as there are sounds and music that jar your nerves (think scratch on blackboard), excites you , energizes you (like maybe techno/disco), even scares you (remember JAWS?)…there are also melodies, sounds and tunes that soothe, honor your soul and resonate with your inner harmony of breath and stillness.

For thousands of years, the primordial sound of drums, tapping, gongs, tibetan bowls, timshas, chimes and bells have been used to bring the meditator deeper into their internal music –  the breath.  These healing sounds have been used for centuries to open, release and balance our energetic centers, the chakras.  These simple tools of sound reverberate with pleasant and high frequency sound waves into our bodily liquids ten times faster than they do in air.

As we practice this week, LISTEN – don’t just hear – really listen to your breath and the healing sounds of music that will glide and guide you through your movements synchronized with your breath – creating beautiful melody and bringing healing moments to your practice, to your body, and to your life – making sound a mindful meditation of wellness, awareness and unity of self.

FIELD TRIP!!!!!! Who Wants to Come to LITTLE INDIA???

We will be taking a field trip to Little India on Thursday March 8th.  We will leave bright and early, well not too early, at 9:30 am so as to avoid all unnecessary traffic.  We will shop and eat an authentic Indian meal and stroll through the 4 or so blocks enjoying beautiful Indian wares, like Saris, furniture, Indian bedspreads and cloths, mala beads, singing bowls, incense, etc…Please let me know if you would like to come asap.  If we have a big response we will caravan, otherwise I can take up to 6 people.  We will leave from the Good4uyoga home studio.  Bring $$$$$ for lunch and you will want at least a token from this one of a kind fun yoga field trip!!


This week our theme is Balance.  Using Geranium and Sandalwood oils centers our olafactory sense with male/female balance.  The crystal is Tiger Eye which balances between extremes.  Starting and ending our practice with Savasna.  Balancing our bodies and minds and breath on the mat, helps us bring balance to the outside lives we lead in this world.

Balance is about creating breathing room between activities.  Creating Space into our daily routine.  It is about silence and commotion-about yin/yang – about fire and water – about earth and sky – the feminine and the masculine-left/right – up/down – east/west,north/south – hot and cold.

And in that center fulcrum lies the heart, the middle ground – the soul which is home, where everything radiates out of and enters in.  Radiating forth and inhaling energy in.

Such is the pulse and the balance we seek in Life.  This balance creates bliss and peace.  How can you become more moderate in your measures today, this week?  More even in you flow throughout the day?





New Class!! at Soul at Home

I have recently been offered and accepted a permanent class  at Soul at Home. I am deeply grateful to all the people who put in a good word for me whenever I have subbed there.  I believe that on the strength of client satisfaction, I was given this opportunity.  I appreciate the chance to teach in this lovely studio where I cherish and admire the instructors and just adore my teacher trainers and mentors.  Check my class schedule.  It is a Gentle Flow and Restorative Class form 4:30pm-5:50pm on Tuesdays

More sub dates @ Soul @ Home

It looks like I will be subbing on Monday, February 13th at 12:30 – 1:30 for Dana’s Chakra Class. We will be working on and exploring the 6th Chakra – The 3rd Eye – Intuition.  Wear indigo blue!!!  It is only $9 and you DO NOT have to be a member of Soul at Home.  Great way to visit this wonderful healing/wellness center if you are not already aware of it.!!


Also, Feb. 22 Wednesday at 10:45 -12:10. Kat’s Yoga Pose Technique class – It is designed specifically for seniors and/or all others with health concerns/limitations.  Today I got to sub it last minute and the women there were so welcoming and beautiful!!! We practiced gentle/healing yoga and everyone was so willing to participate.  It was a joy and a blessing.