More sub dates @ Soul @ Home

It looks like I will be subbing on Monday, February 13th at 12:30 – 1:30 for Dana’s Chakra Class. We will be working on and exploring the 6th Chakra – The 3rd Eye – Intuition.  Wear indigo blue!!!  It is only $9 and you DO NOT have to be a member of Soul at Home.  Great way to visit this wonderful healing/wellness center if you are not already aware of it.!!


Also, Feb. 22 Wednesday at 10:45 -12:10. Kat’s Yoga Pose Technique class – It is designed specifically for seniors and/or all others with health concerns/limitations.  Today I got to sub it last minute and the women there were so welcoming and beautiful!!! We practiced gentle/healing yoga and everyone was so willing to participate.  It was a joy and a blessing.

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