Theme: Courage

To do something/anything even in the face of fear.  Not to be foolish and take risks for the sake of laughs but to truly do something you know you must in order to make things right, to have integrity, to humble oneself, apologize or even stick up for self – even if you never have before and are afraid to step into this new territory of bravery.  The word comes from the Latin cor or French coeur – both meaning heart.  It takes a big, open heart to do the right thing with valor and honorably.

To discard the shallow and seek the profound is the way of a person of courage. – Nichiren

theme: the ocean

There is so much magnificence in the ocean.  Waves come in and out like our breath. Tides synchronize with the moon.  Seashells and sea foam scour and scamp up onto the sandy shore.  The aquamarine beauty and the raging power of the ocean, the dark depth and the calming effects of waves caressing the beach – such a vast horizon for our theme this week.

Seashell goddess juice, mermaids and dolphin cards, an ocean playlist and seashells to listen to and admire will be available as we move into our fluid movement of yoga.



We will explore “safari,” which means journey in Swahili.  Along the way we will encounter wild animal poses and as we breathe – we will venture within perhaps into our own uncharted territory, the deepest parts of our inner self.  On the mat and off the mat this week, imagine expanding your horizons and discovering and uncovering fresh adventures not farther than your own fertile savannah.


Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the women before me – you have gone ahead and have led the way with light, encouragement  and strength -moms of moms….

To all the women behind me – you teach me anew – moms to be and moms of young children…..

To all the women beside me – thank you for your frankness, sharing and support – moms of teens or twenty something’s  just grasping and learning truths about themselves and the world in front of them…….

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women and to Mother Earth

There will be no class tomorrow  due to Mothers day.  I will have my first class at just for the health of it in orange on Monday at 6 pm.

new studio

I have been generously offered and have accepted a new class at a new place!!

It is a private fitness center that also has a darling zen-like yoga studio.  It is located at 417 N. Tustin St. in Orange.  Phone is 714-639-0494 and the owner’s name is Diane McConahay.  It is called Just for the Health of It.  Check it out online.

My class will start on Monday, May 14th at 6pm – 7:15 and an occasional 9am Sunday morning class.  We alternate Sundays, will let you know when I  will be there.This morning on my way up to Arrowhead, leaving Villa Park @ 8:30am