Y5 – Day 113 – Love vs. Fear

The fabric of our lives is frail and civilization will decompose under the weight of fear. We are not having a constitutional crisis but rather a spiritual one.

We must invigorate with LOVE. Let us stand with linked arms and march not against anything but instead for the decision to love. The force of love will banish none. The wisdom of love integrates all into the circle. Love is inclusive.

As we unite in love, the inner bickering will topple, the toxic waste will fall away.

May we invent a new wave of love.

Y5 – Day 111 – January 2018

The month of January is just another opportunity for renewal or reinvention. As you turn the page of the calendar over on one year, you literally step into a new day, with fresh adventures, unknowns, options and possibilities. You can be whomever and whatever you want to be, again.

In January, you may reach for novelty and innovation as you discard what doesn’t serve you anymore. This is a good time to adopt or rekindle beneficial habits and a positive, constructive perspective.

Use the following month to re-think, re-collect and re-distribute your thoughts. Additionally, invite the coming year to replenish and excite with different quests and journeys. May the surrender to the inevitable disappointment or loss, be gentle, and draped in softness.


In the depths of winter, we warm ourselves by the fire of introspection. For surely, as we tend to our lives and compost our past, we witness the alchemy of the soul.

In January, we need the willingness to be open and the ability to let go. Then, we are ready for more growth. Therefore, have courage! Anticipate and welcome another year of transformation!


I seek the highest truth and the most healing ways to live my life.

Y5 – Day 109 – Time

I remember growing up on the beaches of Long Island and time stopped as I idly played in the sun – the wet sand and glossy pebbles, hot between my toes. The shore lapping.

Time was still. Joy was mine.  

The smell of sultry, humid heat peppered with salty seaweed baking on the beach. The warmth and taste of the briny water.

Seagulls squawking.  Horseshoe crabs aground and dying on the shore. Fiddler crabs popping out of holes.

Wildlife scurrying amongst the brush on the dunes by the worn redwood fences. The grasses and reeds rustling. A summer breeze wafting through a corridor of beach below a cliff.  

I wake up. I’m startled.

Time is just a blip – yet a continuum. But, only as long as it is held in your mind.