Y4 – Day 269 – 5 Secrets I learned in 2016

On the road to wisdom and inner beauty, you learn to keep a nurturing set of tools in your memory file. Meditation, painting, coloring, physically removing yourself into a quiet space, cooking, gardening, writing, reading, walking, yoga, observing nature and daydreaming are examples of instruments, dalliances and pastimes you can use to recharge your inner sanctum.

Here is what taking time out for yourself can reveal:

  1. Whether you choose or need to do it, a feeling of accomplishment exists once you can cross it off the list.
  2. Your personal perspective, attitude and response, creates your world vision.
  3. Make it a mission to learn from every mistake, circumstance and choice.
  4. Vulnerability is the most courageous, ground breaking best kept secret and tender portal towards creativity.
  5. A shift occurs, a miracle happens, when you let go of time, approval from others and distractions.

Syncing with your soul opens up all the doors and windows.

The Portal

Y4 – Day 268 – Happy Jar

This coming up year I am taking a see through, plastic OXO square container and making it my Happiness Jar.

Overtime, every happy, serendipitous, lucky, special or unexpected kindness or moment that happens to us will be documented and placed inside this space. 

I am cleansing and labeling it today. I will position it in the middle of our kitchen peninsula. I will have a small pad of paper and a pen next to it handy so we can record our gratitudes!

2017 – We are awaiting!

You might want to follow suit just to try it out with me and hop on the happy trail journey!

Y4 – Day 267 – Writing Lessons from 2016

Writing from different perspectives of the same event expands your view.

Then, close in and bring in detail to be in on the scene like an observant voyeur.

Lather, rinse and continue. Let the shape of repetition form.

Build a story spiral or an inquisitive platform.

Edit, remove and put away.

Let some time pass.

Re – edit, condition and then let it go.

Remember to share.

Y4 – Day 266 – Affirm end of 2016

This year, I grieved.

I was outraged.

I held my tongue.

I spoke out.

I was confused.

I yelled.

I complained.

I criticized.

I judged.

I voted.

I cried.



I realized and will continue in 2017 to know:

I am loved, all is well.

I am the best version of myself today.

I write.

I garden.

I cook.

I touch.

I enjoy.

I walk.

I counsel.

I shop.

I care.

I clean.

I play.

I listen.

I meditate.

I guide.

I harvest.

I create.

I paint.

I repurpose.

I compost.

I organize.

I recycle.

I read.

I encourage.

I love.

I decorate.

I post.

I understand.

I entertain.

I exercise.

I believe.

I observe.

I express joy and enthusiasm.

I am a gift to all that know me.

Y4 – Day 265 – Rhythm of Nature

I hear the birds repeat the rhythm and tempo of coyotes calling each other to dinner after a kill. A dog is in trouble and then another dog down the street echoes its distress.

I just learned that hens give their chicks SOS signal lessons. When they fall into any misfortune, they remember the phrase, chirp it and momma comes a runnin’.

I heard a canine bark out a melody, then I heard a bird repeat the same tones and beat, and then, I heard the sound returned back from another, different canine.

If you listen, the animals speak to each other and not within just one species. Perhaps, “Help!”, other warnings and observations are recognizable in all languages.

I’m not a scientist but I always wanted to be a linguist and study etymology, the study of word origins, not entomology, the study of insects.

When you pay attention, you discern and differentiate the beautiful language of the wild.