Y4 – Day 269 – 5 Secrets I learned in 2016

On the road to wisdom and inner beauty, you learn to keep a nurturing set of tools in your memory file. Meditation, painting, coloring, physically removing yourself into a quiet space, cooking, gardening, writing, reading, walking, yoga, observing nature and daydreaming are examples of instruments, dalliances and pastimes you can use to recharge your inner sanctum.

Here is what taking time out for yourself can reveal:

  1. Whether you choose or need to do it, a feeling of accomplishment exists once you can cross it off the list.
  2. Your personal perspective, attitude and response, creates your world vision.
  3. Make it a mission to learn from every mistake, circumstance and choice.
  4. Vulnerability is the most courageous, ground breaking best kept secret and tender portal towards creativity.
  5. A shift occurs, a miracle happens, when you let go of time, approval from others and distractions.

Syncing with your soul opens up all the doors and windows.

The Portal

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