Y4 – Day 266 – Affirm end of 2016

This year, I grieved.

I was outraged.

I held my tongue.

I spoke out.

I was confused.

I yelled.

I complained.

I criticized.

I judged.

I voted.

I cried.



I realized and will continue in 2017 to know:

I am loved, all is well.

I am the best version of myself today.

I write.

I garden.

I cook.

I touch.

I enjoy.

I walk.

I counsel.

I shop.

I care.

I clean.

I play.

I listen.

I meditate.

I guide.

I harvest.

I create.

I paint.

I repurpose.

I compost.

I organize.

I recycle.

I read.

I encourage.

I love.

I decorate.

I post.

I understand.

I entertain.

I exercise.

I believe.

I observe.

I express joy and enthusiasm.

I am a gift to all that know me.

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