Y4 – Day 265 – Rhythm of Nature

I hear the birds repeat the rhythm and tempo of coyotes calling each other to dinner after a kill. A dog is in trouble and then another dog down the street echoes its distress.

I just learned that hens give their chicks SOS signal lessons. When they fall into any misfortune, they remember the phrase, chirp it and momma comes a runnin’.

I heard a canine bark out a melody, then I heard a bird repeat the same tones and beat, and then, I heard the sound returned back from another, different canine.

If you listen, the animals speak to each other and not within just one species. Perhaps, “Help!”, other warnings and observations are recognizable in all languages.

I’m not a scientist but I always wanted to be a linguist and study etymology, the study of word origins, not entomology, the study of insects.

When you pay attention, you discern and differentiate the beautiful language of the wild.



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