Y5 – Day 62 – Acceptance of Life, page 6 – Last page

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I accept life with joy and ease.

THINK ACTION: Are you over loaded by caretaking? How can you simplify, delegate or find relief? What do you do to stay in your own lane? How can you show yourself compassion? Make a list of the people or circumstances you are having a difficult time with. What is the most problematic about accepting this person or that situation? Can you see it in a new light? Ask a friend who knows you well to help. 




Y5 – Day 62 – Acceptance of Life, page 5

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We can make our lives a living nightmare or heaven on earth depending on our stance and perspective. It takes courage to thwart resistance from discomfort, and to also, live through it. Yet, when we recognize our true selves – our limits, flaws, frailties AND our gifts – we move forward.  We can then express and release emotion in wondrous, deeper ways.  Unfortunately, unacceptable, undeserved twists of fate and tragedies befall all human beings. No one gets a pass. We accept and enjoy life by yielding to the roller coaster ride. Let go of your expectations. Surely, acknowledging there is never a dull moment keeps it interesting. And, it frees us to welcome surprises that linger and wait just around the corners, descents, climbs and bends of this thrilling trip. 

Y5 – Day 61 – Acceptance of Life, page 4

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Let your scars become lessons. Marinate in sorrow. Then, when prepared, climb your way out. You may end up with scrapes and bruises on your heart or pride, however, open to healing and adapt anew. It’s a process that basically leads the way towards surrender and then, one day you crack a smile. You give in to laughter. You allow humor to ease the heaviness. You break into song. You listen to birds at dawn. You stare at the stars at night. You walk the dog with a new spring in your step and smell the flowers, the fresh air and experience being alive again. Ultimately, we rely on gratitude to support our way to acceptance.

Y5 – Day 60 – Acceptance of Life, page 3

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Preferring not to compromise, many of us run from pain. We succumb to flight or denial when we resist reality. Unless we want to hide under the covers, escape, check out or wither, we have no other choice but to accept circumstances.

Accepting what is occurring does not necessarily mean approving (condoning) of it. But strangely enough it is healthier. Then, the focus becomes transforming our own worry or sympathy into something worthwhile. We take action. For example, we volunteer, donate money, protest, transform our angst into art, fight for causes, start a new venture or go back to school. 

Meanwhile, we listen to our adult children but put duct tape on our mouths so we don’t sound judgmental, authoritarian or critical. Keeping our generational gap thoughts to ourselves is best after a certain age. We hire a caregiver to offset helping our parents. We seek coping mechanisms, skills and solutions to survive. We keep ourselves afloat, applying self-care so when friends, family or society need us, we are there, one hundred percent. For instance, firefighters relax, re-group and socialize outside the station, playing pool, golf or a friendly game of basketball. You can also delete appointments when you get overwhelmed. 

Y5 – Day 59 – Acceptance of Life, page 2

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Paralyzed by fear, we are ineffectual, powerless to alter the fate of others. We watch helplessly as our children suffer and our parents age and decline. As we are incapable of reversing time, we are stymied. When our friends and siblings are in trouble, we sense their vulnerability, but remain ineffective without their willingness to ask for help. We prefer to carry the burden for our children, the pain of our parents or the sadness for our peers.

Unfortunately, by emotionally taking on more than we can bear, we become overtaxed, burned out and end up resentful. Knowing what is ours to correct, fix or solve and what is none of our business nor responsibility is the great quandary for every caring, empathetic person. We lose our minds and our health to anxiety as we come to an impasse. Our bodies agonize under the duress of self-induced stress. Natural born caretakers draw boundary lines only after repeated struggles with this predicament.

Y5 – Day 58 – Acceptance of Life, intro page

From upcoming book, Goddess Musings:

June 3 – Acceptance of Life

“If our hearts are ready for anything, we can open to our inevitable losses, and to the depths of our sorrow. We can grieve our lost loves, our lost youth, our lost health, our lost capacities. This is part of our humanness, part of the expression of our love for life.” –  Tara Brach

“There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.” – Tara Brach

The reality that anguish, despair and grief are a part of life, not apart from life and our experiences, may come as a surprise. As intellectual beings, we understand the theory yet, we tend to mask, deny or blind the fear of suffering. And then, when real life hits, knocking at the door unawares, we are challenged to live bravely. We are confronted with living life on life’s terms, not our own, and that creates our dilemma. Our lack of power to make life look right, to soften blows, to stop the bleeding – is what distresses us most. 

Y5 – Day 57 – The Lotus, page 3


We have all been in that black patch, underwater. And, if you have a difficult past to swallow and regurgitate, you may find yourself here, time and again. You may feel, even possibly today, that you will never swim up to the light and break through the surface of water. But, imagine your roots, like the lotus, firmly grounded and fed. As the water lily, your instinct is to rise above water, gasping for air in triumph. You burst open with gradient hues and tiered layers of understanding.

The lotus assures us we can endure with grace, eloquence and poise. It encourages us. We too have promise to reach our authentic zenith, even through dismal, wretched nebulas of despair.

My spirit strengthens as my roots deepen.

THINK ACTION: Where have you witnessed nature’s will surpassing all logic? Describe a time where you felt lost and managed to climb out of the black hole. How did you carry out this task? How do you find hope when you feel hopeless? Keep a picture of nature surviving under dire conditions or the lotus to remind you of your own strength, endurance, determination and optimism against all odds.


Y5 – Day 56 – The Lotus, page 2

from upcoming book

The sacred lotus reminds us to thrive and stretch to the sweetest edge of survival like the blossoms on the shifting, gravelly bay shore. The lotus roots into rich alluvial mud. Its fertility is sourced from silt and clay valley deposits. It shoots its bloom towards sunlight. It thrusts its long stem till it breaks the periphery of the water, like a giraffe’s neck rising to nip new growth at the top perimeter of acacia trees. And, at the water’s surface, as it meets the earth’s atmosphere, the water lily plant shows off its consummate glory – its multi-leveled layers of wide colored petals that unfurl from center as the day unfolds. 

Y5 – Day 55 – The Lotus Flower – page 1

From my Upcoming Book – Goddess Musings

June 6 – The Lotus Flower 

“Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.” – Buddha

 On a sandy, windy beach surrounding Mission Bay in San Diego, in the middle of a summer drought, I started to stroll. The stretch of coast was empty and I walked alone. I saw powder pink, two-inch-wide, star-shaped flowers on a grayish, skeleton like branch. What supply of rain, sun and sheer passion has to exist for it to have bloomed? Blush petals dotted the shriveled leaves. They must have roared their lust for life, like a lioness, as they blossomed. I felt giddy by the discovery and revelation. Parched and thirsty, I heard the squawk of dove gray, snow white seagulls. A tentative smile crossed my face as I fathomed they were the only spectators on the lonely shoreline, besides me. So, I recorded the rosy, petaled miracles and their extraordinary presence using my macro photographic lens. What an eye-opener to see nature growing where least expected.