Y5 – Day 57 – The Lotus, page 3


We have all been in that black patch, underwater. And, if you have a difficult past to swallow and regurgitate, you may find yourself here, time and again. You may feel, even possibly today, that you will never swim up to the light and break through the surface of water. But, imagine your roots, like the lotus, firmly grounded and fed. As the water lily, your instinct is to rise above water, gasping for air in triumph. You burst open with gradient hues and tiered layers of understanding.

The lotus assures us we can endure with grace, eloquence and poise. It encourages us. We too have promise to reach our authentic zenith, even through dismal, wretched nebulas of despair.

My spirit strengthens as my roots deepen.

THINK ACTION: Where have you witnessed nature’s will surpassing all logic? Describe a time where you felt lost and managed to climb out of the black hole. How did you carry out this task? How do you find hope when you feel hopeless? Keep a picture of nature surviving under dire conditions or the lotus to remind you of your own strength, endurance, determination and optimism against all odds.


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