Y3 – Day 89 – Invited to Gardens

Invited to see six and a half new acres of landscaping!!! Totally psyched. Pictures to follow-

Exclusive Open House Preview for Members

Huntington Members are cordially invited to an exclusive

Open House Preview of

The NEW Steven S. Koblik
Education and Visitor Center

TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 12:00-8:00 PM

Members have an exclusive opportunity to preview and self-tour the eagerly anticipated Steven S. Koblik Education and Visitor Center before it opens to the public.  Explore all of the new features, including the auditorium, cafe, orientation gallery, multi-use classrooms, meeting and event spaces, and six and a half acres of new gardens.

The beautiful new Huntington Store will be open, featuring spectacular items relating to The Huntington’s vast collections.  The Coffee Shop will also be open.

Comfortable shoes are recommended.

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Y3 – Day 88 – Recognizing Spirit

It is my spiritual eyes which give depth and meaning to what I see so when I am in awe of of art, nature or music, it moves me. I realize the emotion I feel is my shining soul recognizing Spirit.

Scientists calculate, experiment and theorize yet are still baffled by the unknown factor. When I dissect or analyze, I move away from the heart, I make it more complex than it is.

When I am smack dab faced with the invisible yet present spirit, I remember it is inherent in all things.


Y3 – Day 87 – Sunday Relax

After a jam packed week, nothing brings more peace than having just ONE day to re-group. Perhaps you already meditate once a day but are so over scheduled or have unexpected delays or items that need attention that even your weekends fill up.

Take at least 30 minutes a day and especially today to just unwind inwardly by breathing and sitting still. In nature is ideal, but amongst art, your pets or while listening to uplifting music can also be sacred.

As I tap on these keys, sitting outside on my sheltered patio, my meditation/helper dog nearby, listening to angelic New Age music on my laptop, sipping cinnamon infused almond milk coffee in one of my favorite mugs, spring birdies chirping, sun filtering through newly awakened leafed trees, breeze comfortably cool and body at rest – I can contemplate beauty, I can surrender to the morning and I can envision my soul soaring with enchanted glory.

Blessed be the day for me and mine. Thank you Divine Collective Soul and Mind for this experience. Namaste.



Y3 – Day 86 – Confidence Plus

Confidence comes from Knowledge and a sense of Self-Worth.

Good Cheer comes from Self-Worth and a Positive Attitude.

Enthusiasm comes from Self-Worth, a Positive Attitude and a Thirst for Knowledge.

Success comes from all of the above plus Willingness and Spirit.

Where do all these abstract states stem from?

The Inner Sanctum.

Y3 – Day 85 – Treehouse Spring 2015

I couldn’t resist continuing the garden theme as the few bulbs I plant at the treehouse only last 3-4 weeks total and I had the pleasure and honor of viewing them in person. The white furled blooms have a delicious, intoxicating scent but only if you come up close and sniff. I planted this set our first fall and they look wispy against the steep slope and crags between rocks. Yet, they are sturdy and flexible. As breezes sweep by them, they sway and pop back erect. Their “faces” pray humbly as their heavy bloom heads nod. 


Below – Up close and too bad we don’t have smell-a-vision.DSC09304

Y3 – Day 84 – little birdie

DSC09307This little guy graced my patio deck right where I could glimpse him from my kitchen window as I washed some dishes up in Lake Arrowhead. I immediately thanked the Earth for this adorable friend, for its appearance, existence and my ability to stop and contemplate the good all around me. I spent most of the day up here wrestling with the furnace and spying the little birdie gave me a sense of ease and comfort. I KNEW everything would be all right. He left but I could still trace his path as he flew away to close in trees and shrubs and then he came back and posed for me again, giving me his other Hollywood stance and a view of his back.

DSC09306Small and yet important. Just a gesture, a nod from the Universe. I smiled, laughed inside and felt not alone. I KNEW I was connected to all living, breathing and vibrating beings.

Y3 – Day 83 – Spring Burst 2015

Red Hibiscus about to open. Close up and personal.DSC00234 Purple/Pinky and yellow/red centered 10 petaled diminutive blossoms on a shiny leafed gigantic shrub/vine.DSC00235 DSC00236 Street Iris LilyDSC00238PrimroseDSC00241 Wandering Jew or Tradescantia pallida in bloom. Easy to grow by stem cuttings.DSC00242I promise this is the last in the series till I get the garden/photo bug again.

Y3 – Day 82 – Spring Fling

Continuing with our spring landscape – we travel all the way from Hawaii with a beautiful hibiscus specimen. I have found hibiscus to be very particular where I place them. They need humidity and some shade in my garden. Every landscape has microclimate zones. For example, below a slope might be up to five degrees cooler or a sunny spot with some shade will stay less dry than necessary for a succulent, etc. Some plants like solitary conditions. Others like to be in a community of varied species.DSC00232

A deeply hued throat beckons and calls all hummingbirds. 


An aloe flower spikes straight up.DSC00230 Aloemestria is a popular flowering stem in many professional bouquets from florists and is surprisingly easy to grow.DSC00229 A lemon tree blossom from one of our two dwarf Meyer trees, it will be many months before this becomes a ripe lemon to pick.DSC00228 Nasturtium is a peppery addition to salads. Super easy to start from seed and loves neglect.DSC00227 DSC00225

Rhaphiolepsis ‘Majestic Beauty’ (Indian Hawthorn) In full bloom and it makes a wonderful hedge.

The blooms just keep coming thanks to the sun, water, soil, bees and good organic practices. No Chemicals!!!

Y3 – Day 81 – Spring 2015 – part 3

This is a rare variegated geranium. Did you know that geranium essential oil is made from the leaves and stems only? The actual petals have no scent. I use geranium oil which has a citrusy scent with my students to enhance the 3rd chakra – will power. Just rub a little on your tummy above your belly button and affirm: I am a confident, capable and courageous woman to empower yourself before a big interview or event.DSC00215 More exciting colorful freesias!DSC00217 Here we have some freesias growing amongst rosemary and its flowers (the tiny white ones which sometimes look light blue).  I love intermingling so it is a never ending show.

DSC00218These are specimens divided from our former house’s street/curbside garden I maintained and transplanted them here 18 years ago. They are a type of smallish lily on very tall stems and considered almost throwaway plants (why do some plants get a bad rep?) but are practical and pretty for sidewalks and by pool areas because they don’t have a lot of litter and stay green all year.

DSC00220This is a climbing vine that smells delicious and trails and trains well. It is a white jasmine variety.DSC00219 Bougainvillea DSC00221I am on a roll and love sharing our spring!

Y3 – Day 80 – Spring 2015 part deux

I couldn’t resist so here is more and perhaps this will give others incentive to go out there and plan (if the weather is still too cold) or plant a garden now in their own backyard.

DSC00208Notice the teensy bee attracted to this sweet pea beauty. Sweet peas get their name because of their sweet scent and are easy to grow from seed planted in the fall here.



DSC00191Another geranium cluster in a hot spring pink.

DSC00192Volunteer snapdragons abound.


Freeway daisies in hot hot colors.

DSC00194Sweet Alyssum and some mysterious development growing that I will patiently have to wait and see what it is because I simply cannot deduce it yet.

Hope you are enjoying because I am having so much fun, I will return tomorrow with more.