Y3 – Day 87 – Sunday Relax

After a jam packed week, nothing brings more peace than having just ONE day to re-group. Perhaps you already meditate once a day but are so over scheduled or have unexpected delays or items that need attention that even your weekends fill up.

Take at least 30 minutes a day and especially today to just unwind inwardly by breathing and sitting still. In nature is ideal, but amongst art, your pets or while listening to uplifting music can also be sacred.

As I tap on these keys, sitting outside on my sheltered patio, my meditation/helper dog nearby, listening to angelic New Age music on my laptop, sipping cinnamon infused almond milk coffee in one of my favorite mugs, spring birdies chirping, sun filtering through newly awakened leafed trees, breeze comfortably cool and body at rest – I can contemplate beauty, I can surrender to the morning and I can envision my soul soaring with enchanted glory.

Blessed be the day for me and mine. Thank you Divine Collective Soul and Mind for this experience. Namaste.



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