Y3 – Day 80 – Spring 2015 part deux

I couldn’t resist so here is more and perhaps this will give others incentive to go out there and plan (if the weather is still too cold) or plant a garden now in their own backyard.

DSC00208Notice the teensy bee attracted to this sweet pea beauty. Sweet peas get their name because of their sweet scent and are easy to grow from seed planted in the fall here.



DSC00191Another geranium cluster in a hot spring pink.

DSC00192Volunteer snapdragons abound.


Freeway daisies in hot hot colors.

DSC00194Sweet Alyssum and some mysterious development growing that I will patiently have to wait and see what it is because I simply cannot deduce it yet.

Hope you are enjoying because I am having so much fun, I will return tomorrow with more.

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