Y3 – Day 81 – Spring 2015 – part 3

This is a rare variegated geranium. Did you know that geranium essential oil is made from the leaves and stems only? The actual petals have no scent. I use geranium oil which has a citrusy scent with my students to enhance the 3rd chakra – will power. Just rub a little on your tummy above your belly button and affirm: I am a confident, capable and courageous woman to empower yourself before a big interview or event.DSC00215 More exciting colorful freesias!DSC00217 Here we have some freesias growing amongst rosemary and its flowers (the tiny white ones which sometimes look light blue).  I love intermingling so it is a never ending show.

DSC00218These are specimens divided from our former house’s street/curbside garden I maintained and transplanted them here 18 years ago. They are a type of smallish lily on very tall stems and considered almost throwaway plants (why do some plants get a bad rep?) but are practical and pretty for sidewalks and by pool areas because they don’t have a lot of litter and stay green all year.

DSC00220This is a climbing vine that smells delicious and trails and trains well. It is a white jasmine variety.DSC00219 Bougainvillea DSC00221I am on a roll and love sharing our spring!

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