Y3 – Day 79 – Spring 2015

The pink, climbing, absurdly fragrant jasmine has withered. Our pittsoporum box trees that attract literally hundreds of bees have also released their perfume and are now drying up their blossoms and forming papery enclosures to develop their seed pods. The camellias have come and gone. The azaleas are slowing down. This is our late January to early March customary parade of happenings you cannot avoid noticing nor do you want to. It is a pleasure to see gardens, different species and varieties take shape, return and show off.

But Spring has sprung as of yesterday and our landscape obeys the seasonal changes, usually. So I took some pictures around the yard with my macro lens. Here are just a few specimens.

DSC00184 Although geraniums are year round here, I thought this cluster formed a perfectly beautiful ball of radiant orangey red.

DSC00187This is a very small purple flower on a vine like bush we brought from our other residence 18 years ago. The plant is scattered with these humble, violet, tiny tokens of love.DSC00188 Freeway daisies always make me smile!

DSC00189This peachy snapdragon re-incarnated from the past because I have not planted any in a while. We call these recurring friends that just pop up “volunteers” in the garden world.DSC00190One of my favorites. The freesia that from a tiny bulb keeps giving year after year with fresh fragrance and fresh faces. We have white, pink, fuchsia, variegated, purple and lavender ones.

Tomorrow, more from the Stegerhaus garden.

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