Y3 – Day 78 – Experience

When I recently decided to teach yoga again, I thought I would be rusty but I was primed and ready to start where I left off +plus! In my absence I was not twiddling my thumbs and there’s just more and different aspects I can incorporate into the whole experience.

I am grateful to share my gifts. I love to teach with a theme. I interject lessons from the TAO or the Course or some other spiritual text. The yogic 8 fold path threads through the fabric of the class seamlessly. I get to share properties of crystals, scores of music, colors, poetry and the nuance of aromatherapy for our wellbeing. We dance and sit and meditate and pose. My own style of yoga is inclusive to all yet an introspective, personal experience for the practitioner.

It is an event. It makes me happy. It breathes fresh air into our lives.


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