Y5 – Day 138 – Vegan Republic

At the Vegan Republic Market where E manages things, helps customers and improves the quality of life for all sentient beings, you can find frozen, packaged and compassionate shopping opportunities that directly support Animal Place, Their Farm Sanctuary in Grass Valley, CA.

After duly contributing to the well being of others, we funded another good cause and grabbed lunch at The Butcher’s Son, an all-vegan dining establishment that has risen to stardom on University Ave.in Berkeley.

Y5 – Day 137 – Berkeley Again

It’s 2018 and a visit was due.

First and foremost, reuniting with kidlets.


Third, atmosphere.

I traveled well and let my daughter drive as I relaxed. We listened to her well-planned playlist that hit all the right notes intended. Dogs were such great company too.

It’s so good to hug and laugh with your adult children.

Love you guys.

Back to the Future 2018

Our first meal was in the automotive repair district in Oakland where they took advantage of the warehouse and set up a vegan eatery (formerly a food truck) named Hella Vegan Eats.

Y5 – Day 136- Cindi and Addy visit Henry

Tonight, Cindi and Adelaide went to visit Henry in Oakland and we enjoyed our vegan and non-vegan pizzas as the dogs plopped onto the couch while our host pup guarded his food bowl. 

My oldest made deliciously sweet vegan Thai Teas for his sisters and we enjoyed vegan chocolate mint cookies and a bran walnut banana muffin he served for dessert. Thank you J and M.