Y3 – Day 7 – 2014 – How was it?

As we come to a 2014 close and enter 2015, my thoughts are about the best times. I am not going to rehash any medical problems or personal disappointments.

The year started off with the grand entrance of our own, dear, sweet Cindi. Our hearts and minds transformed via the guidance of a loving, grateful dog.

In February, my NY BFF visited and we had a relaxing, hilarious and amazing time together. My son moved back to CA with girlfriend.

In March, I drove up to see all my chickadees in No. Cal. and Cindi’s first big long road trip.

April and May were full of fixing, repairing, doctor appointments and end of semesters for college kids.

After ten years, I reunited with my cousin/sister, the architect, who came up from Argentina in June and her stay lasted till the middle of July. We started where we left off and made new history.

In August, I started my Life Shift course and signed up for my doctorate in Metaphysics. Kids went back to school. V backpacked in Germany.

In September, October and November, I took business courses as well as continued with metaphysical classes full steam and intensively. At Thanksgiving, chickadees came home.

In December, I graduated, the kids came home and the girls sped off to backpack Japan.

Whew!  And what was 2014 like for YOU?

Seeya in 2015!



Y3 – Day 6 – Declutter

Most loving people I know – want to please others. That is not always possible. Most people I know – want to be liked. Also, not always possible. If we are honest, our agenda is commonly about wanting to please others so we can be liked. This can happen at work, home or in every relationship.

We can elicit positive vibrations from our thoughts, we can walk away, deflect or shield ourselves from the “Debbie downers” but Energy vampires need your goodness, your time, your commitment and your consent.

Truisms overheard over the years:

1) Just because someone says it or thinks it (about you) doesn’t make it true.

2) Don’t take anything an unhappy person says too personally.

I am not saying to be an island onto yourself, never believing you ever need improvement. Au contraire. If someone critiques or complains, pause and ask yourself if it is true and please – consider the source. If it is reasonable, do the best to fix, remedy, correct or apologize and change. If, after careful consideration (and some time has passed), it still does not seem to fit or ring true or even if it is asking too much of you at this time, then offer a different solution and let the person grumble.

Two more thoughts:

1) You can never, ever fill another person’s hole for them. They have to figure out how and what to fill it up with.

2) Some people will always find something to complain about and will never be happy, no matter what you do for them.

With the new year coming in soon, be clear about your boundaries and your self worth so the best can come into your life. Sorting through what needs to be disposed of or altered helps you focus on a better direction for 2015, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” – Eric Hoffer

Y3 – Day 5 – Winners

There is a saying in recovery groups that rings a bell today.

It is merely, “Stick to the Winners.”

What exactly is a ‘winner’ you may ask? Aren’t there several interpretations? Are ‘winners’ the people who finish first? Are ‘winners’ the people who succeed in business? Are ‘winners’ the people you snarl at in a sarcastic manner?

While chatting with a friend today, we decided ‘winners’ are the emotionally healthy, happy, positive and solution oriented people in our lives. We also discovered we felt people who took their purpose on earth a little deeper, wider and anonymously were ‘winners’. Ergo, there are a lot of ‘winners’ you don’t even know about working like elves amongst us. I know a few. People who pray for others and don’t tell you. People who lend a hand, give to charity and forfeit their egos for the sake of the greater good seem to qualify too.

Willingness, Openness and complete Honesty about self is impossible without some measure of humility so I will assume, Humility, is a core character trait, a ‘winner’ needs.

“Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes real happiness. It is not obtained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” – Helen Keller

I guess “Stick to the Winners.” is about being amongst the healthy-minded. When you find yourself amid the unhealthy (negative), perhaps, bring the healthy mind in, rising above and not getting caught in the snare of the lower energy. “Be the Change” so to speak.

Y3 – Day 3 – Blessings

Now that the house is quiet, disheveled but settling its dust, is a fine time to write. Among the wrapping paper pieces still strewn about, half-empty water bottles and soda cans, I see the sunlight streaming in. Our chickadees have flown but their imprint is everywhere.

As I pick up, toss out and organize through, I work inside a state of gratitude, appreciating all of our blessings.

Bon Voyage, safe travels to one and all.

I click my heels. 

Y3 – Day 2 – Resting – Plus – Prep

Resting, cleaning, putting dishes, gifts and silverware away. Plus, last minute shopping, prepping and packing for Japan. Our daughters are backpacking (in the coldest winter since who knows when) around Japan for 2 weeks. Hostels, bullet trains (shinkansen) and low budget traveling is for the 21 and under crowd.

A great app for International texting and photos is What’s App? if you ever need or want to keep in ‘comunicado’ with travelers or family abroad.

Yen are so beautiful, I just had to take some pictures.


Look for better and better photos, my Christmas gift was a camera with attachable lens capabilities. It might take me a while to learn how to focus and get the most out of my new viewfinder but I will surely practice and post as I go.

Y3 – Day One – Merry Merry

IMG_3572How apropos that Day One of Year Three begins with Christmas – A Gift and Tradition that carries on. Thank you to my peeps. 

May the world enjoy Peace, for that is truly the message.

May we all enjoy Love, for that is truly our purpose.

May we all enjoy Happiness, for that is truly the product of Gratitude and knowing we are Blessed.