Y3 – Day 7 – 2014 – How was it?

As we come to a 2014 close and enter 2015, my thoughts are about the best times. I am not going to rehash any medical problems or personal disappointments.

The year started off with the grand entrance of our own, dear, sweet Cindi. Our hearts and minds transformed via the guidance of a loving, grateful dog.

In February, my NY BFF visited and we had a relaxing, hilarious and amazing time together. My son moved back to CA with girlfriend.

In March, I drove up to see all my chickadees in No. Cal. and Cindi’s first big long road trip.

April and May were full of fixing, repairing, doctor appointments and end of semesters for college kids.

After ten years, I reunited with my cousin/sister, the architect, who came up from Argentina in June and her stay lasted till the middle of July. We started where we left off and made new history.

In August, I started my Life Shift course and signed up for my doctorate in Metaphysics. Kids went back to school. V backpacked in Germany.

In September, October and November, I took business courses as well as continued with metaphysical classes full steam and intensively. At Thanksgiving, chickadees came home.

In December, I graduated, the kids came home and the girls sped off to backpack Japan.

Whew!  And what was 2014 like for YOU?

Seeya in 2015!



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