Y5 – Day 165 – Irony

What a paradox that loving, caring and accepting yourself actually makes you more attractive to others and more available to be of service to others and the world at large.

By understanding you are not a freak, flaky or a failure by any means, maybe just a super sensitive empath, you can embrace yourself with all of your limitations and glorious gifts. Only then can you protect yourself even from your own damaged self-limiting beliefs.

Y5 – Day 164 – Invisible Connection

When we are in a state of limbo,  we scratch and try to crawl out of the dark hallway or give up entirely to stagnation.

If you are under the influence of another’s powers or under the duress of fear, you will stay in that position. If, on the other hand, you claim your invisible connection to the divine, profess responsibility and affirm your own potential, you will enter into a state of rebirth.

Cut the ties that bind you to any dysfunction.

Keep in your thoughts what makes sense to you and leave the rest.

Y5 – Day 163 – Applause vs. Internal Integrity

You add a notch to your belt with a course, certification or goal. But when you chase the feeling of being revered or looking good you end up making yourself and others miserable.

Your ego stops the flow of light and information into your brain. Ego is faithless.

In contrast, when you humbly act in service to survival, thriving and passing it on, you are working outside your superficial ego.

You want applause yet you would be better served by the intention of letting go of outer embellishments and concentrating instead on inner healing.

Remain honest with self even if it’s not pretty or saintly. And, remember there is a difference between selfishness and self-preservation.

Y5 – Day 162 – Listen to the Heart

Absolutely every time I listen to my ego (thoughts of power, prestige and pocketbook), it affects my relationships in a negative way.

Every decision or choice made from my ego gives me grief.

Whereas when I follow my heart,  I say, do and act exactly as I believe is the right way for all concerned. Perhaps that means I let go, give in or pardon something or someone.

Listening to my heart, I grace mine and other’s paths.

Y5 – Day 161 – Trudging On

When frustrated I become outraged with myself but I cannot allow that self-indignation kill my wish to do, go on and create. I must trudge on.

I look around and see I have so much to do, organize and distribute. This is why less is more. This is why excess brings people down and it clutters up their minds and lives. I have more massage and aromatherapy oils, books, perfumes and clothes than any one woman can handle.

How about you? What could you pare down?

Y5 – Day 160 – Self-Confidence

The gifts you possess, the accomplishments you have had and the enthusiasm you feel, all contribute to your state of self-assurance.

If you continue to use your attributes, abilities and curiosity together, you will reach higher states of realization with each endeavor.

Your combined knowledge, personal techniques and unique views take on a characteristic all of their own. Therefore, even if someone else has the same idea, your version is still different. It may look similar but yours is originally your own.

When you take stock of your creativity and particular powers, you begin to believe in yourself. Self-confidence is a state of mind inspired by belief.

Whenever I look back on my proudest achievements, I consider the qualities I used to conquer my fears over the realities I wanted to attain. Of course, luck, timing and circumstance are relevant too.

Here’s a partial list of what I needed from myself in order to get what I wanted:

Consistency     Determination     Passion     Openness     Dedication     Generosity     Spirituality         Research           Organization         PATIENCE       Study Skills          Critical Thinking     Honesty        Planning         FOCUS        Energy     Motivation

List your top 5 successes in life and then make a list of the qualities you garnered, earned and reached in and pulled out of yourself without regard and beyond any self-negative or other’s talk and opinions.

Y5 – Day 159 – The Yoga State of Mind

It’s the nature, the silent, private space in your mind that ends the structures of time and desire. Inside of less or no stress, in NOT doing but just being, your routine becomes a yoga lifestyle full of divine devotion and conscious contact with the now.

The worship of Love, consistent mindfulness, and dedicated service instill wellness into this wicked world.

Staying positive and focused equals a commitment to self.

Y5 – Day 157 – The Winds of Change

I remember when I used to write and write. I would blog and read about writing. I had focus. Now, I focus on my heart. What does my heart want?

My heart is fickle and my heart is doubtful. All the hope I held as an idealist growing up seeps away in this cynical and barbaric climate.

I cannot help being informed.

Tonight, in Ohio, the suburban woman finally spoke with her vote. Perhaps, the tide will turn and good will win over evil. Will democracy be saved? Will the anger transform into change? Keep your ear to the ground.

Y5 – Day 156 – Still Hot

Really? It’s hot and humid and the temperature is going to reach 100degrees tomorrow? Really?

Even the mountains will be unusually too warm this week.

It is sweltering and the earth is beyond the point of tipping. Mother Nature is screaming at us and we still go about our day as if the last white rhino didn’t just meet its extinction.

“SAD” climate change deniers say.

“Too bad, I won’t give up meat.” climate deniers AND believers continue to insist on.

The first step in recovery is awareness of a problem. Then, acceptance of the facts. Last, is acting– as in behavior and thought– for change to take place.

First, we become aware we are terrorizing our planet and brutalizing all sentient beings.

Second, we accept we have contributed to this decline and destruction.

Third, we remedy, repair and rejuvenate our habitat, EARTH!