Y5 – Day 160 – Self-Confidence

The gifts you possess, the accomplishments you have had and the enthusiasm you feel, all contribute to your state of self-assurance.

If you continue to use your attributes, abilities and curiosity together, you will reach higher states of realization with each endeavor.

Your combined knowledge, personal techniques and unique views take on a characteristic all of their own. Therefore, even if someone else has the same idea, your version is still different. It may look similar but yours is originally your own.

When you take stock of your creativity and particular powers, you begin to believe in yourself. Self-confidence is a state of mind inspired by belief.

Whenever I look back on my proudest achievements, I consider the qualities I used to conquer my fears over the realities I wanted to attain. Of course, luck, timing and circumstance are relevant too.

Here’s a partial list of what I needed from myself in order to get what I wanted:

Consistency     Determination     Passion     Openness     Dedication     Generosity     Spirituality         Research           Organization         PATIENCE       Study Skills          Critical Thinking     Honesty        Planning         FOCUS        Energy     Motivation

List your top 5 successes in life and then make a list of the qualities you garnered, earned and reached in and pulled out of yourself without regard and beyond any self-negative or other’s talk and opinions.

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