Y5 – Day 156 – Still Hot

Really? It’s hot and humid and the temperature is going to reach 100degrees tomorrow? Really?

Even the mountains will be unusually too warm this week.

It is sweltering and the earth is beyond the point of tipping. Mother Nature is screaming at us and we still go about our day as if the last white rhino didn’t just meet its extinction.

“SAD” climate change deniers say.

“Too bad, I won’t give up meat.” climate deniers AND believers continue to insist on.

The first step in recovery is awareness of a problem. Then, acceptance of the facts. Last, is acting– as in behavior and thought– for change┬áto take place.

First, we become aware we are terrorizing our planet and brutalizing all sentient beings.

Second, we accept we have contributed to this decline and destruction.

Third, we remedy, repair and rejuvenate our habitat, EARTH!


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