The Collective Consciousness

Why am I absolutely flabbergasted that in such a puritan based/racist culture the MAGA sheep are trying to once again discriminate, attack and disenfranchise BIPOC/strong/intelligent women and air her private life whilst (watching and reading way too much British media) the same hypocrites are ignoring or denying or convoluting any major transgression the orange Russian asset posing as an American does?

This isn’t even political any more. It really is a fight for our collective soul. This is historical and a pivot point for the human race as we know it. Will we be able to stand up to lies? Will we do the right thing for the highest good of all, including the planet?

What can I do? This is where we get baffled.

I suggest we stay in love/joy/light/expansiveness/healing light and set an intention to imagine spreading goodness for at least 15 minutes a day and whenever we find ourselves in frustration, anger or hopelessness. I am not saying to bypass the feelings. All emotions are welcome. I am simply proposing after immersing ourselves and getting in touch with how we are feeling and thanking our sense of outrage in all its forms, that we turn it around for our own good and have it remind us who we truly are. If you have a heart, you will know deep down who that is.

So we take that signal and produce gold out of straw, so to speak, while taking deep breaths, closing our eyes and increasing our vibration in order to level up the rest of the world. There are many scientific experiments that measure wavelengths, electrical impulses, water molecules and brain activity to show how what we think affects the external as well as ourselves. In fact, if we raise our thoughts to the word Peace for example, it raises the collective consciousness a thousand fold.

On Sundays, at 11 am PST, I will be joining an invisible web of strangers around the globe doing just this. It is 15 minutes. It is optional. It is not on the internet. You merely set your clock and take the time out to do it anywhere you find yourself. As an individual, we do it as part of our humanity to be helpful.

To learn more, check out Pam Gregory’s you tube channel -especially, Meditation Sunday 7PM in UK from 3 weeks ago. There are links to others that are engaging in this as well. We will become a group or family of positive energetic frequency that at the very least will help with our own heartbreak, even if you don’t believe the metaphysical properties.


From everything I have heard, felt and intuited, this year will be a wild ride for radical shifts and changes in our systems, many extreme weather events and highly charged emotions to challenge our equilibrium!

The trick is to stay steady. The advice is to stay close to your center. The reality is that we will have to stay firmly grounded and not let dualistic thought divide us in two or more factions. Instead, we are guided to remain in our positive force fields of energy.

I will be writing more so I can vent and also to make sense of the chaos that is bound to occur. I will be meditating more and observing my own judgmental, critical or angry thoughts. Nevertheless, as vipers are cornered, they will become even more venomous, vengeful and volatile. As visionaries, light workers and people seeking to end the mischief, we will need to be vigilant as we remain vibrant in our soul’s purpose, vibrate with the highest levels of thought and alas with that vantage point – stick to the values we prize and hold dear.


I am finally feeling like myself after covid. I had no idea how much trauma we had all been through with politics and misinformation and a pandemic! Personally, I thought it was right and just to throw up my hands sometimes. Mostly, though, I ranted out loud or internally. My guts felt like they were just scrambled half the time and literally I can see now how my intestines if you could have seen them, were twisted and clogged, occasionally on the verge of bursting out of my skin because I could no longer retain my anger, my despair and my outrage.

Then, I succumbed to depression and loneliness and isolated within my own valley of melancholy.

I let my hair, my weight and my interests go, in style. It was my superficial way of responding in kind to the onslaught of meanness and hopelessness. My smile vanished. Although you would see it on zoom, fake and with extreme effort. I tried so hard to stay positive. I suppressed years of personal trauma and unresolved issues into one presidential race and term that was out to destroy us and has cracked open all the wounds for all of us to see.

STAT we need healing. STAT.

And then, I did some spiritual work. I went deep. Past experiences and into changing my perspective, slowly. I thought I had done this work before but there were new, hidden cuts, stabs and lesions attached to my very soul body. I visited them and then in shock, withdrew. I would step a little closer and then back off. I would process and then deny their existence. The dance of fire and ash and pain. The dark night.

But a survivor fights for their life, a warrior goddess gets through it. Never alone but by myself. No one can do this work for you. Like recovery, you must find the place where you realize you are responsible and no one else, for your metamorphosis. Ultimately, it came down to love, acceptance and compassion, for me. A new level of identity.

And then, I took notice of my outsides for what seemed as if it was the first time. By finding power in the journey through, I expect more of myself now.

No Apology

“Your Body Is Not an Apology” by Sonya Renee Taylor is a profound and essential masterpiece that defies societal norms, challenges ingrained prejudices, and celebrates the revolutionary concept of self-love and body positivity. This book is a rallying cry for a world that has long been burdened by unrealistic beauty standards and damaging perceptions of self-worth.

From the very first page, Taylor’s words radiate with an authenticity that demands attention. Her writing style embraces vulnerability and empowerment. Readers immediately can relate. Taylor unpacks the damaging effects of body shaming, racism, ableism, and other forms of systemic oppression.

The heart of “Your Body Is Not an Apology” lies in its unwavering advocacy for radical self-acceptance. Taylor eloquently argues that our bodies are not objects of shame, but vessels of power, deserving of respect and love. By deconstructing the deeply entrenched belief systems that perpetuate discrimination and self-loathing, she guides readers towards a path of healing and self-discovery.

She warns we must dismantle oppressive systems. She delves into the ways in which various forms of discrimination intersect and create a devastating impact on marginalized individuals. Her inclusive perspective ensures that no one is left behind in the quest for self-liberation.

Throughout the book, Taylor challenges readers to question their own biases, reevaluate societal norms, and actively engage in the work of tearing down harmful ideologies. Her calls to action are both inspiring and practical, offering a roadmap for personal growth and societal change. The exercises, reflections, and journal prompts sprinkled throughout the book encourage readers to embark on a radical journey of self-discovery.

“Your Body Is Not an Apology” is not just a book; it’s a movement, a call to arms, and a beacon of hope for a world in desperate need of radical change. Sonya Renee Taylor’s eloquence, insight, and compassion shine through every page, inviting readers to embrace their bodies, challenge oppressive systems, and become agents of transformation.

In a world that often thrives on division and insecurity, “Your Body Is Not an Apology” emerges as a radiant source of empowerment and liberation. It serves as a testament to the power of self-love, the resilience of the human spirit, and the potential for collective change. This book is an essential addition to any bookshelf, a reminder that our bodies are vessels of strength and our voices instruments of change.

The Imperative Virtues of Honesty, Responsibility, and Fairness in a President

After the last indictment yesterday of 45 – I had to say something – anything – so I wouldn’t feel so frustrated.

The role of a president is one of great responsibility and influence. As the highest office in a nation, a president wields significant power and has the ability to shape the course of a country’s future. In such a position, it is essential that a president embodies qualities of honesty, responsibility, and fairness, rather than exhibiting traits of deception, selfishness, power-hunger, vengeance, or malice. This article explores why these virtues are crucial in a president and how they contribute to a thriving and harmonious society.

  1. Honesty: Honesty is the foundation of trust, and trust is vital for any leader. When a president is honest, they establish an open and transparent relationship with the people they serve. Honest leaders are forthright about their actions, intentions, and challenges they face. They admit mistakes and take responsibility for them, showing humility and a commitment to learning and growing.

In contrast, a dishonest president erodes trust, undermines democracy, and creates an atmosphere of uncertainty. Deception damages relationships between the government and its citizens, causing skepticism and cynicism among the public.

  1. Responsibility: A responsible president understands the weight of their decisions and takes accountability for the consequences of their actions. They prioritize the well-being of the nation and its citizens over personal interests. Responsible leaders listen to the advice of experts, consider diverse perspectives, and make informed and thoughtful choices.

On the other hand, a selfish president places personal gain above the nation’s welfare. Such leaders might use their power for personal enrichment or manipulate their position to serve their own agenda, neglecting the needs of the people they represent.

  1. Fairness: Fairness ensures that a president treats all citizens equitably, regardless of their background, race, gender, or social status. A fair leader seeks to bridge divides and foster inclusivity within society. They work to address systemic inequalities and strive for a just and compassionate society where every individual has equal opportunities to thrive.

A president driven by vengeance or malice can sow discord and division. They might abuse their power to punish perceived enemies or discriminate against certain groups, further fragmenting the nation and hindering progress.


A president holds a position of immense responsibility, shaping the trajectory of a nation and the lives of its people. It is paramount that a president embodies honesty, responsibility, and fairness rather than succumbing to the vices of dishonesty, selfishness, power-hunger, vengeance, or malice.

A leader who embraces these virtues fosters a sense of trust, transparency, and unity within the nation. They become a role model for citizens, inspiring them to act with integrity and compassion. An honest, responsible, and fair president ensures that the government serves the people, upholding democratic values and safeguarding the rights and liberties of all citizens.

As individuals, it is essential to hold our leaders accountable for their actions and demand these virtues in our presidents. By doing so, we can contribute to a stronger and more prosperous society where honesty, responsibility, and fairness prevail, and where our leaders work diligently to build a better future for everyone.



Covid Lockdown had a silver lining. It made clear who and what mattered.

I have absolutely no patience for cruelty, greed and bullies. Never did, but I am not shy about how I fell about it any more. I do not agree with silence. I believe discrimination, unfair systems and wrongdoings against Earth and Humanity and Nature need to be spoken about, out in the open. Dialoging, informing and awakening to cultural changes are a must for me now.

I have more compassion, grace, tolerance and gratitude for self, therefore for you as well.

I dealt with anxiety on a deeper level after January 6, 2021. The day that will live in infamy for me like 9/11. I will not accept lies from those who are sore losers or try to frighten us anymore. More than ever, I believe in higher ground. You don’t have to defend truth, facts and science. They just are.

I respect and have tried to understand other points of view but not if it is tainted with fear, meanness and ugly behavior.

I’m done asking why did this happen? OR why did they do that? The answer is clear as a bell and it’s up to me to own my own attitudes and reactions.

I’ve become more discerning. I work on me and surround myself with uplifting, supportive and empathetic folks.

Journal Prompts:

What are 3 things you are grateful for that maybe you were not aware of before Covid hit or realize the importance of today?

What are 3 people, places or things you are powerless over?

What are 3 characteristics you like about yourself?

It was Bound to Repeat

I just read a ranting and raving entry from my journal on 12/10/20. It was full of anxiety and worry and fear. I had gone down a rabbit hole (what they call doom scrolling now) on Reddit and it scared no – terrorized me. Some red states were trying to overthrow the election and it seemed familiar to me. I felt I was back in a nightmarish memory. The trauma was in my body. I couldn’t quite place the extreme reaction.

Back in 2020, I didn’t realize the marked differences until a friend called and she mentioned how the whole world was going down the tubes and I asked her why? We started talking about politics and I thought we were on the same page about the end of democracy and the unfairness and suddenly after I said something about a civil war looming and a certain somebody inciting violence she said no I don’t think that – I’m talking about the illegitimacy of the election and I said which one? You mean this one? Was she talking about Bush vs. Gore? And after both of us realizing we were living in two different realities it was awkward and we hung up.

In the middle of the night I couldn’t sleep. I felt the unrest and couldn’t console myself. I saw clearly that this was a moment, that we were on a sort of precipice and it felt like the novel 1984 but worse because we also had the Covid crisis. Who would have bought a screenplay of 1984 plus a pandemic thrown in?

Gore would have handled the 9/11 event differently. I believe we would have perhaps asked ourselves why we were attacked. I opine therefore we would not had an Iraq war because that was a farce birthed in machismo and greed. We had no business being there. So many places we arrogantly invaded. And don’t get me started on climate change and how we would have all on this planet been in a better place today.

And then, last night I am reading Violeta by Isabel Allende, always such an historic truth teller with a woman’s story to match. And her description of the political genocide in South America especially of Chile and then seven years of it in Argentina and I realized it was bound to happen again, karmically almost comically right here where I live now.

There’s a total disregard for law and order and rules and civility that would have been unthinkable before. That happened in Argentina in the 70’s too. My family living there had no other choice but to live through the Condor Operation and I was only there for a smidgen of it. I came back to the states and was safe. But now it had followed me here and it is pure satire that time and again my ancestors have had to flee wars, poverty and oppression only to have it all come back to the land of the “free”.

It is unbearable to assume there are no safe harbors or dreams of a better life left. Let’s not let this be repeated and heed it as a warning of how plausible it all actually was.

More Will Be Revealed

Back in October of 2018 I wrote about the political climate and how uncovered or leaked stories were vehemently denied or twisted. It needed to be set right.

I wrote how otherwise we would be railroaded and obliterated.

Power and Control are not collaboration and has a toxic masculine bent.

Networking, compromise and sharing are Goddess traits. It’s about love not fear and anger.

Then, and now, more has been revealed and there are undeniable treachorous acts that are being finally brought to light and discussed. And denied, doubled down even. We need consequences or this will happen again and again and worse.

I go on to ask my questions about how to climb out of the quagmire; the anxiety, the hailstorm of lies, the blatant hypocrisy worse than any description in Orwell’s 1984.

Is cancel culture the thought police?

I wondered if I could go on.

I wonder still how to be a force for good? How do I express myself in a positive, productive manner?

I felt assaulted, abused, gaslighted, bullied, harassed, put down and lied to incessantly. My trauma and collapse came back in full force on 1/6/20. I was weeping, on the floor, flash backing to Argentina during the Junta takeover and the “desaparecidos”, anyone who spoke of politics, disappearing. I called my EMDR PTSD specialist within minutes, sobbing.

Now in 2023, after COVID, BLM, 100 year storms, quakes, protests and despair, more school shootings…ARGH!!!!

Another day, another harm, where I trudge through fear to get to the other side, where I breathe and calm myself so my anxiety can leave me for awhile. My therapist has passed away and I am not alone in my hopelessness. Yet, I, alone can ask for light to come into the dark. When Our fate is sealed is there any room for humor, inspiration or expectancy?

I refer you back to the sixties. And before that, WW1, the Spanish Flu and WW2 and the depression. And further back even more…always we have created situations and made choices that were abhorrent. It’s the light workers, the seers, the shamans, the spiritually fit that led us out of the dark. I go there now with confidence. I seek to connect. I want divine, unconditional love to inform, transform and reform me.

I am alive and I see miracles all around me. I give thanks. And So It Is.

Y5 – Day 222 – Words Matter

Assertiveness with compassion is not the same as aggression with an agenda. It is the intent of boundaries vs. building walls.

Behind every spoken word is a design to manipulate, soothe, persuade, console, liberate or anger. Shall you speak to support or denigrate?

Some people are fueled by anger, blaming, judging and pay homage to an overall cynical, negative discontent. Other people’s energies are sapped by it.

Where lie you?

Forests instead of walls I say!

Authoritarianism ->Projecting strength and DemoniZing enemies and Dismantling institutions<- WARNING!




Y5 – Day 178 – Gratitude for the House

Although we didn’t quite get a Blue Wave, Washington got splashed on enough to perhaps, just maybe hope, to put a check on this fascist. We need to start calling it what it is. The sooner we do, the better.

In a fit of panic, my mother called me. “Are you watching the news?”

No, I replied, “I am taking the day off from politics and nurturing myself today.” I proceeded to ask her why, though.

As it turns out, Mr. Orange was spewing how he won and how great he is and on and on, I guess, about lies and fear. She said only someone who has lived through dictatorship could understand her angst. I said, “I know.”

We cannot become a version of 1984 or Germany pre- WW2. Or what made my family flee from Argentina. Every one of us came from a torn family, escaping and/or looking for something. We wanted better for our children. Unless, you are a descendant of an indigenous tribe, or forced into slavery, you were given exile here. We must learn from history, philosophy and humanitarian studies. We still need to put up a fight and we still need to call lies out.

Never have I seen such dedication to the country as those who participated and voted for common decency and Statue of Liberty values yesterday.

I am grateful to the press that hammers away at what is starting to look like an unbelievably corrupt and nefarious, dangerous White House and all their power hungry, greedy, nationalistic cronies.

I will continue to honor my ethics and care for myself today in quiet solitude. In order to be of service, we must preserve our ideals and maintain equanimity within.