Y3 – Day 330 – Stairs

And the demolition and new stair rails and banister begins. The old stairs were oak and stained but we are over laying it with the floor planks we are installing in the rest of the house. There is a lot of pounding noise as nails and wood are being demolished. I can hear the sawing now outside as the new ‘skirt’ and post are being cut.


With my new found love of painting everything in sight again (something I did from the age of 23 – @ 43), I had a serious thought about just painting the old, original treads.

Y3 – Day 328 – More Wisdom for the Holidays

Contemplate these 5 quotes:

The two indicators of what is important to you are “Where do you spend your time?” and “Where do you spend your money?” – Anon

“One who is generous with praise makes another rich in self-worth” – Sally Huss

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?” – Anon

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

“Acquiring wisdom is garnered by your own personal experience.” – Cecilia

Y3 – Day 327 – Practicing these 12 Things

  1. Being Grateful = Happiness
  2. Positive Thinking = Opportunities
  3. No Comparing = No Despairing
  4. Showing Kindness = Good Feelings
  5. Nurturing Relationships = Strength
  6. Forgiving = Wellness
  7. Being Present = Flow
  8. Staying in the Moment = Focus
  9. Relishing Joy = Satisfaction
  10. Committing to Self = Magic
  11. Finding Spirituality = Surrender
  12. Caring for Body = Discipline

Adapted from a tribute to Stephen Covey by Marc

Y3 – Day 323 – Peinture

IMG_0002Due to sharing a walk/talk with good friend S, I learned she too is really into chalk paint! But I had no idea she had taken a class to learn how to at Peinture at SoCo. –

“Never heard of it.” I said.

“Say whaaaaaaat?” she countered.

Well, it seems this place was completely off my usual 5 mile radius and it is 15.5 miles away by freeways I am actually somewhat familiar with.

It amazes me how I can happily drive all the way up to Berkeley with a smile on my face and refuse to go outside my own town to shop (except at Christmas when I splurge and go to South Coast Plaza) so I was stunned to learn there was a whole center waiting for me exactly at the same time I needed to window shop for furniture and two minutes away from an appointment the next day. Needless to say, I made sure there was time to visit the Art Shop full of English designer Annie Sloan’s signature chalk paints.

Meanwhile, I have been experimenting making my own paint with recipes from online and I have been pleased with the results and it IS considerably cheaper. But I just had to try the famous Sloan paints and bought a few small pots of neutrals.

The space is inspirational. I can’t wait for my all day advanced class in January!!!




Y3 – Day 322 – Five more

Needless to say, there is an endless amount of solutions to stress – but we just have to do it.

16. Give thanks every evening for a day well lived or relief that it’s over.

17. Soak in a tub or jacuzzi. Every mom knows that warm baths soothe the child within.

18. Journal – write it all out our just annotate events, how your day went and add how you felt or even conversations you had or small/big lessons, interesting information or personal qualities/flaws you learned from.

19. Shop online – imagine, in the privacy of your own home, avoiding traffic, crowds and inclement weather as you peruse and click your way to gift giving.

20. Take an herbal tea break. Nothing relaxes like a cup of tea in front of a fire, outside/by a window or in a bubbly bath.

These are just suggestions and I encourage you to enjoy the season by adding self-care and love by implementing one, two or all of the twenty relief strategies.

Y3 – Day 321 – Continuing Stress Strategies

It doesn’t have to be the holidays to have an eventful and full life! I am never ever bored and always have a million projects.

11. Reach out – call someone and ask how THEY are. Maybe THEY need the connection. It is a win-win.

12. Escape to a bookstore, museum, play, movie or any other field trip just to be surrounded by art and creativity. Heck! Go garden, make something from scratch, do a craft project or paint something – anything to get the creative, playful and artistic juices stirring and flowing.

13. Breathe. Take at least five minutes during the day to do zilch-absolutely nothing but contemplating your navel.

14. Smile at everyone, it instantly lifts your mood, makes you approachable and mirrors good energy out into the world.

15. Say, “I love You!” to yourself in a mirror every day as soon as you roll out of bed and say it to at least one other person or furry family member, then hug.