Y3 – Day 322 – Five more

Needless to say, there is an endless amount of solutions to stress – but we just have to do it.

16. Give thanks every evening for a day well lived or relief that it’s over.

17. Soak in a tub or jacuzzi. Every mom knows that warm baths soothe the child within.

18. Journal – write it all out our just annotate events, how your day went and add how you felt or even conversations you had or small/big lessons, interesting information or personal qualities/flaws you learned from.

19. Shop online – imagine, in the privacy of your own home, avoiding traffic, crowds and inclement weather as you peruse and click your way to gift giving.

20. Take an herbal tea break. Nothing relaxes like a cup of tea in front of a fire, outside/by a window or in a bubbly bath.

These are just suggestions and I encourage you to enjoy the season by adding self-care and love by implementing one, two or all of the twenty relief strategies.

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