Y3 – Day 321 – Continuing Stress Strategies

It doesn’t have to be the holidays to have an eventful and full life! I am never ever bored and always have a million projects.

11. Reach out – call someone and ask how THEY are. Maybe THEY need the connection. It is a win-win.

12. Escape to a bookstore, museum, play, movie or any other field trip just to be surrounded by art and creativity. Heck! Go garden, make something from scratch, do a craft project or paint something – anything to get the creative, playful and artistic juices stirring and flowing.

13. Breathe. Take at least five minutes during the day to do zilch-absolutely nothing but contemplating your navel.

14. Smile at everyone, it instantly lifts your mood, makes you approachable and mirrors good energy out into the world.

15. Say, “I love You!” to yourself in a mirror every day as soon as you roll out of bed and say it to at least one other person or furry family member, then hug.


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