Y3 – Day 320 – Holiday Stress Relief

Surviving the holidays is not enough, let’s thrive this year and take care of ourselves. Anybody want to be my personal shopper?

6. Get a pedicure, manicure, hair blow out or all three – nothing feels better than getting a little pampered and “finished”.

7. Pause before you eat – Take your time ( ideally twenty minutes) to finish at least one meal of the day. And really try to do this one meal with no cell phone, laptop or TV. Savor each bite and give thanks.

8. Listen to music you love or are in the mood for – Maybe you want to listen to Christmas tunes you grew up with or relax in an armchair with a classical symphony playing – or maybe you want to heat it up with rock or techno – maybe jazz or spa/instrumental is calling your name. Just get into it.

9. Pray – Ask for help from the Universe and let go of the outcome. See what shows up – you will be surprised.

10.Use Scent – Lavender calms, rose inspires and vanilla comforts. Peppermint energizes.

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